Red Carpet Manicure, My New Favorite Colored Gel


I finally had the opportunity to try Red Carpet Manicure and I must say, it was worth the wait. One would think that all gel colored polishes were created equal. This one has proven to stand out. Let’s start with the over 100 color choices. There are nudes, brights, pinks, reds, greens, glitter and shimmer colors that are stunning. It was hard choosing a color to try on myself. The application was smooth. No running, great consistency and coverage. I went for a sparkle blue that looks like car paint, in a good way.


If you have a manicurist that isn’t using Red Carpet Manicure, tell her to give it a try. I’m sure you both will be very happy with the results.

Pipbuzzz-Perfection is Possible!

The answer to the mobile LED Gel Light…Dashing Diva LED Light Pod


To all of my manicurist on the go like myself, have you seen this? I am one happy nail tech to see this idea. Not sure how well it works, but I will be sure to find out. Hopefully it packs a powerful punch and gets the job done. The price tag is very reasonable for a gel light. At $79 you can’t beat it. I plan on ordering one in the very near future and to be pleasantly surprise.

Perfection is Possible, Dashing Diva !

O.P.I. Glitter Base Coat

To all of you glitter lovers out there, I’m sure we all feel the same about glitter polish removal. It is our worst nail polish nightmare. O.P.I. has created a base coat that is suppose to assist in making the removal of glitter a lot easier. Many of you had made your on DIY solution made of elmers glue and water. I must say, I have never tried it but give an A for creativity. The base coat as well as the elmers glue is applied to each nail and dryed. You the apply your favorite glitter polish and wear as you normally would. When it’s time to remove it, it should peel off with the assistance of an orange wood stick. Welllllllllll, not quite. It does not peel off so easy and can be damaging to your nail plate due to the scraping of your nail with the orange wood stick. Both base coats seem to have the same result. My best advice to removing glitter polish, is to take a cotton ball soaked with remover and allow it to sit on the nail for a few seconds. After a few seconds, the glitter becomes a lot easier to take off, with no scraping. It takes some time but thats the price we pay to be glitter girls. Don’t stop wearing your glitter because of the agonizing removal process. Just sit, soak, wait and wipe and your glitter woes are solved.


O.P.I. Sheer Tints

Looking for a wet and sticky look like candy? O.P.I. Sheet tints are your answer. They cover the bare minium but I choose to add color and use as a topper. Tints can make your nails look dirty and dingy but when layered over a color, it gives you that look of candy.


Here is “Be Magentale With Me” for the topper with “Pink Shock” by Maybelline

Sephora’s Formula X

Nail mail is always a wonderful thing to come home to. Recently, during one of my trips to Sephora and staying for an hour, I played around with their Formula X nail polishes. Everyone was speaking very highly of them, and I wanted to give them a try. I purchased a few bottles and went home to play some more. They were nice to work with and the colors were true to color. These would be perfect for me to use on set for some of my photo shoots. I received the Formula X train kit in the mail and could’t be happier. It included some of their great glitters and effect polishes along with other essentials. This kit will be put to great use and so will all the gorgeous colors



Perfection is possible with Formula X.

Awaken The Pastel Parade by Zoya


This is the time of year where we all get restless and bored with nail colors. Waiting for spring colors to come out is always exciting. Awaken by Zoya made 2 pastel colors with a cream finish and a 4colors with a full coverage metallic shimmer.
Hudson- the metallic purple
Dillion- metallic green
Brooklyn- metallic yellow
Rebel- metallic blue
Dot- pink
Cole- peach
The surprise is Monet, which is a cellophane holographic special effect topper. It looks good over any color and gives that extra special something to your nail look.

It’s Magic

Zoya’s magical pixie dust delivers. They have mastered the textured, matte, glittery nail polish with this magical pixie dust. With only 3 colors to choose from, there is at least one that you will love. I tried the pink and instantly fell in love. With sparkles, glitter, texture and metallic specs, what more could a nail polish fan love. All of this rolled up in one.


I dedicate this post to “Hanna” :). Thank you for following this nail girls journey on nails, beauty and anything under the Sun!

Zoya has “Awaken” the Nail Community

images zoya-awaken-1

Ok Zoya, I’m awake. I smell the polish and the scent is just delightful 🙂  What I mean is, I see the colors and they are just delightful. Known for their shimmer, frost and opalescent  colors, the choice in colors to accomplish the frost look with, was a great idea. Pastels with a frost, makes their spring collection different from the rest.  Bravo!  I will be looking fo the mail everyday, waiting for their arrival. 🙂

Deborah Lippmann for Spring 2014


While doing some nail polish spring cleaning, I did some research on what’s new for spring.  See, each season, I go through my nail polish collection and get rid of the old to bring in the new. Although, I must say, I don’t get rid of much. I love my polishes, hard to part with them. Anyway, I’m making room for this collection for sure. It looks like all the polish brands had the same color concept in mind. Deborah Lippmann, I can’t wait to try these out.


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Nail Mail, Crinkle, Crinkle, Crinkle

photo 5 (4)

Nail mail will never get old and I can never have too much polish. Today was one of those nail mail days that made me stop what I was doing, slow down and smell the polish.

China Glaze is gearing up for spring with some great colors from Seche Vite and China Glaze. I started to polish my nails, just because, that’s what you do when you get a box full of nail color.  As I was polishing my nails, I couldn’t get it to apply smoothly.  Now I know I had a long break, but I didn’t think I lost my skill of polishing my own nails. I picked up the bottle to make sure it wasn’t tampered with and lo and behold I read the front carefully. I only noticed Chrome because I love chrome colors but I didn’t see that they were “crinkled” Chrome. Ohhhhhhh, now I got it. It was supposed to go on with the look of texture. I didn’t think I was going to like it, because I love creme polish. However, this kind of surprised me. When I finished, I actually liked it. Yes, it does look like you messed your nails up, but that was somewhat the beauty in it. Take a look for yourself.

photo 3 (6)



There were also glitter colors in my nail mail.  Thanks China Glaze, you made my day. Pretty glitter colors in spring tones. Just enough color and happiness to make up for this cold weather New York has been having. So, can you say spring is here?  Almost, thank goodness. Let’s crack these babies open and get to coloring the world with nail polish.

photo 4 (4)


Perfection is Possible!



Nail Polish Options for the New Year

20140104-100131.jpg It’s a new year and nail polish brands will be approaching this year with bigger ideas and vibrant colors. Some of the brands shown are making quite a splash. Tom Ford, creamy, classy bottle and $32 Nails Inc. who is getting a new U.S. Website coming soon, makes a bottle top that looks great on any shelf and adds bling to your polish rack. You can also customize your bottle at $9.50-$25. Deborah Lippmann has fun with color and names and puts out a new collection faster than you can paint one nail $17 Essie, who is known in almost every household, is keeping up. They now offer gel colors that match their most popular colors. $8 Dior and YSL are both designer brands that have limited color options and simple yet elegant bottles.$25 There you have it. A range of price points, color, designer looks and pretty bottles. Find one that best suits you and start painting the world with nail polish…a girl’s best friend. 🙂

Zoya has Naturel colors


Im in love with this collection because I love nudes and natural colors, especially for pedicures. Nothing looks more clean than a nude color on your toes showing through your sandals or peep toe shoes. But this collection comes just in time for fashion week. NYFW Spring shows will be showing in February 2014, and these nude colors will most definitely be the popular kids on the runway. I mean, Zoya is the color of fashion.

Alessandro and Strip Lac


lunch and learn about a product line that has a lot to offer. Alessandro, a product line making new waves to the U.S. They are also a sister company of Tweezerman. They offer nail polish, pedicure essentials, hand and skin care, gels and a new colored name that you peel off. Now, I know your saying the same thing I said. Peel off? Wouldn’t that damage your nails? Well, they developed a formula thats flexible enough to peel off without much damage. Striplac is the name and it comes in 90 shades. Not bad, coming out the gate with an array of colors

During the demostration, you apply the colored gel the same way you would like any other gel colored polish. Once cured and completed the color was vibrant and pretty. But the big reveal we were all waiting for… the peel off. After a few minutes she began to peel the gel off in tact. The nail plate was smooth and also in tact. It was pretty interesting to see the results. I had a chance to play with the product and peeled mine off right away just to get the feel of it. Still the same pulling feel but my nail plate felt smooth and untouched.

It’s safe to say, that I will be adding Strip lac to my collection

Bloggers Chat with Zoya Herself at Rolando Santana Event


With the holidays approaching, it is always a good reason to have an event. Rolando Santana and Zoya teamed up for a bloggers event to have fun with his nail look shown for NYFW. I was the creator of the look, so my team and I were on hand to re create the look for the bloggers. One big surprise for all of us, Zoya showed up in person. I finally got a chance to meet her and was so thrilled. She spoke to all of us and we couldn’t move from our seats. Her tone and voice were so soothing that you could listen to her for hours. She had the best, very true stories about being a manicurist and the nail business. She inspired everyone there including myself. She gave the manicurist in the room, assurance that we are just as important, if not more important, than our beauty counterparts.
It was a great event with DIY the look of the runway contest, champagne, cupcakes, mini manicures and gift bags. Zoya was the sugar on top. What a great voice.

Perfection is Possible!





Dolce and Gabbana Has Nail Color


Just when you thought it was safe to say, who’s next in nail color, Dolce & Gabbana had the answer with their new shades. I received them some time ago and I must say, they are a hit. They polish well, go on smooth and last over 7 days without chipping. This is one designer nail polish that hits the mark. I forgot to mention, the packaging looks very expensive and elegant. The bottles allow you to use all of the polish. Unlike some bottles where, once they drop past a certain point, the brush no longer reaches the bottom. Dolce is on the right track all around. Thank you

Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer…There is a new kid in town

Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer...There is a new kid in town

Morgan Taylor is the New standard in professional nail lacquer, says the creators of this new brand. I recently attended an event where I could get to know the brand a little better. The colors are pretty and the bottle is easy for handling. The texture as I lift the top off seems to be consistant with a good professional nail polish. I will be trying it out soon and will give you my reviews. They have been seen on the runways of NYFW Spring 2014 shows and are making a big splash, why not swim with them. I hope it turns out to be everything I have seen and heard from them.

Revlon is stepping up

Revlon is stepping up

What’s old is new and what’s new is…Revlon’s Parumerie lightly scented nail polishes. Revlon has brought back an old idea of scented nail polish and revamped it. The bottles have a little sex appeal, that makes them great for displaying (which is what I plan on doing with them) Not sure, of how much of fan I would be for scented nail polish. It is said to last up to 24 hours, but mixing that scent with perfumes and lotions…ehhhhhh, I don’t know about that one. You can layer the colors which will also layer the scents. Would you want your nail polish to have a scent? Would you try these? At the price of $5.99 each it could be worth a shot. Does Revlon have a long road ahead with this old but new idea? Would love to know your thoughts.

Essie’s Maintenance Solutions

photo 1 (1)



Most polish brands have their own line of before and after care. Starting with base coats, top coats, strengthener and cuticle oils. Essie has a pretty good line up. They have a good ridge filler and fast dry top coat called “good to go” that’s works well. Their cuticle oil is called apricot and has a hint of apricot smell to it. These products can be used with other brands but work best when you use their polish. I will sometimes mix and match what I use for the best results of what I want to achieve. Once you get adjusted to how products work with each other, you can mix and match as you see fit.



The Mickey Mouse Club


Minnie Mouse has always been a lil girls friend and sometimes a big girls friend too. This young lady wanted Minnie Mouse theme nails. Of course I had to google an image to copy, because, I could not remember what she looked like. I was hoping she didn’t want an actual design of Minnie. She opted for (Thank God) symbols that represent Minnie Mouse. The polka dots and bow are both classic Minnie Mouse and very easy for me to do. Besides her constant movement, I think I did a pretty good job. Challenge your inner Minnie and try it on your nails. All you need are a dotting tool, red, white and black polish and your on your way. Good Luck

Clarisonic Pedi, your feet will be in love!


I was invited to test this wonderful product. Clarisonic the brand we have known to love and trust because of their facial brush, has created the same type of brush for your feet. Yes, you read that correctly, they now have a Clarisonic Pedi made just for your feet. I was quite impressed by this small yet powerful brush. The effects over some time and frequent use, reduce callous skin faster than using a general foot file. The brush is light weight and comes with changeable discs. It is for personal use for best results, but, your local manicurist could offer it as an added plus. The Clarisonic Pedi is being sold at Sephora’s and Ulta locations. So get those feet to walking and own your own Clarisonic Pedi.

Spring nail look for 2014 with Rolando Santana

Spring nail look for 2014 with Rolando Santanaphoto 1 (3)

The past few weeks have been so busy and I finally have time to update my blog. Rolando Santana was my last fashion show for NYFW and the nails went out with a bang. During the nail test meeting I had a great time creating a nail look for Mr. Santana. I came up with 10 different looks and we agreed on one. As you can see, the nail we selected was a soft curve on the side of the nail bed. The two colors were a great combination and look great on the runway. To achieve this look at home is very easy. Start with the color you want for full coverage and paint one coat. Select a contrasting color that is fun and swipe the side of the nail with 2 coats. Top with a clear top coat and you have a form of instant easy nail art. Have fun and creative.

Peter Som and Zoya spring 2014 custom colors

Peter Som’s collection was a take on land meet sea. Colorful prints that he does so well, consisted of blues and greens. Patterns of waves gave you the surf’s up concept that felt refreshing and ready for the spring. The nail look was the reverse french. During the test, Peter Som knew exactly what he wanted. The half moon, reverse french gives that soft curve effect that was present in his designs.  I used the custom colors created for his show by Zoya. A cool blue and cool green named Alexa and Edie

photo 4 (4)

photo 1 (3) photo 2 photo 3 (4) photo 5 (5)


From the nails to the shoes, Mr. Som had it together.

Fashion Week has started NYFW SS 2014

The busiest time in fashion comes twice a year and the month of September is buzzing with the spring fashion shows for 2014. It is a very busy time for me, but I love it. I get to hang out with my colleagues, get cool stuff and see some of the shows for what’s to come this spring.

I started my week with Nicholas K. A duo team of brother and sister who had some great wearable relaxed clothing. The nail look was inspired by Native American culture with a tomboy/girl feel.


Zoya nail polish was use to achieve this look. The base color is called Noot. We applied a matte finish top coat over the color and added a chevron with Edyta to give a bit of shimmer effect. This grey green olive color will be seen all week. It looks like we have the nail trend for next spring and its darker tones instead of lighter ones.


Backstage is always crazy but not this time. Ms. Kelly Cutrone was in charge and she it under control. I love love love Kelly. She gets the job done and doesn’t care who doesn’t like it.

Here is Kelly with one of my team mates whom I also love.


One of the models with the complete look. Hair, Make up and Nails!!



My first post on my new blog site.

After a lot of thought, I decided to switch my blog from blogger to WordPress. It has been a little challenging but it’s finally here. Bare with me as I am still learning how to move around the site. 

I’ll start with a picture of my work seen on one of my celeb clients. She wears black nail polish well, but she also wears everything well 

follow me on my new site and learn all about nails beauty and anything under the sun!


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And let there be light…Cuccio has light in a nail polish bottle

One of those moments when you say “why didn’t I think of that”. Cuccio has created a nail polish bottle with a light under the cap.  WOW!! I plan on trying this out to see if it really helps with seeing and applying better. A manicurist biggest challenge is light. We work in such poor lighting at times and this was a great idea. These lighted cap bottles come from Cuccio’s  neon collection. Not sure on the price per bottle but you can get a display of 16 for $109.00. Visit again to see my thoughts on this new idea. I hope it really works. They may have something here and all brands could follow.

Only Finger and Toes comes to U.S. via Perfection is Possible

It always nice to meet new people, you never know how they can bring others into your life. I was introduce to a new brand of polish emerging from the U.K. It has made to the U.S. and is in my hands. 🙂  That’s pretty special.  OFTA stands for Only fingers and Toes and it is a premium nail polish that is 5 free. I was lucky enough to sample there 60 color collection. I always get excited when my doorman gives me a box of polish but when I opened this box, I saw the best thing in the world any manicurist would love. The carrying case full of OFTA nail colors was the ideal case for carrying around tons of polish. Not only were the bottles pretty, but they were individual placed in a wonderful, light weight clear case with a handle. OFTA, bravo!! the colors are awesome and the case is just as awesome. I can not wait to carry them around.  Take a look at my new nail polish and case.  🙂 Thank you, Thank you Thank you!

Stay tune for updates on this polish behavior.

Zoya Pixie Dust hits the Upper East, NYC

Textured nail polish was the trend this year but in my opinion one brand did it better than the others. Zoya’s Pixie Dust has taken off to the moon!  The colors are great and indestructible. This polish stays on for 2 weeks or until you decide to remove it. That’s how great it is. They have 3 collections in their line up with the newest fall collection on line now. It has the most gorgeous colors and I’m not just saying that because one of them was named after me. 🙂 They have the perfect sparkle that makes it fun but yet reserve at the same time. I introduced the pixie dust collection last year to a client who hasn’t changed her nail color in 7 years. She would never try anything I suggested until the day pixie dust came into her life. I tested a few colors and she instantly fell in love with Nyx, shown below. From that moment on, she has not stop wearing it. She introduced it to her other upper east side friends and they  have become very fond of pixie dust too. They had no idea it existed and were very curious on where to find it. So, should be getting a few more hits from my upper east siders

Check out how beautiful the fall sampler colors are. (photos from

I had a chance to preview the color on one of the editors at People Stylewatch  before they hit the net. I have been holding on to this picture for months.:) Tomoko is the color and its also the name of this fabulous editor
Which one is your favorite?

Fourth of July 2013 was all about the blue!

Red, White and Blue are the normal request for 4th of July nails, but not this year. I think blue has become such a popular color this year that everyone has just been addicted to the blues. Blues happen to be my favorite nail color a long with pastel pinks and chalky pinks. Zoya makes some of the best blues to date.

This is Pixie Dust Liberty . Photo was taken with a professional camera and I love the way it came out.

This is Zoya’s Song nail color. A vibrant blue that works well for the 4th of July.

So there you have it, hope they blue you away too.:)

Nails Inc, instant nail glam

Bling it on with these great nail tips already blinged out for you. All you have to do is apply and you have instant nail art on all 10 nails. I was on my usual Sephora runs and saw these and thought they were great.

They are made with Swarovski elements crystals so you are getting the real deal in stones. Its an easy way to spruce up your manicure on short notice.

The New Black Nail Polish

I happen to be in the right place at the right time. I’ve always wanted to test out and try The New Black Nail polish since its debut last year in Sephora, but never got around to it. During an office visit that was work related, I happen to be there on the day of a big beauty sale!! I have always wanted to peek inside one of those beauty sales, and on that day, I did more than just peek…I was invited to shop and shopping is what I did. They had tons of polishes and this was my opportunity to score some brands I have wanted to try like The New Black. These polishes are packaged in fours, fives and up. Each packaging has colors that coordinate to what you may want to do artistically. For example, if ombre is the look you want, they give you all five colors in descending order so that you get your ombre just right. If its effects that you want, they pull together 4 or 5 colors that will blend well for different effects in order to make it less difficult to think about. I tried the colors out and like them all. The purple colors you see are the ombre colors. You can mix them up as you please but will never go wrong because the tone of all 5 colors always work well together. The New Black gets my 2 thumbs up and I will be indulging a lot more.

Long Lasting Nail Polish…the winner is Kara by Zoya

I’m always challenged by clients about nail polish and their lasting abilities. So, I decided to document how long Zoya’s Kara nail polish lasted on this busy working mother of 2. See for yourself.

Top picture freshly done with base coat, 2 coats of color polish, top coat and drying drops

14 days later and her polish is in tact except for some minor chipping on the pinkie and ring finger. She never top coated her nails or wore gloves. It helps to have a good manicurist too 🙂

Do I believe all nail polishes are not created equal? Absolutely!!  But, to be fair I will also document different brands and you can tell me if all nail polishes are created equal. I think you will be surprised at the answer.

Sally Hansen Nail Polish

From Salon complete manicure to Inst-Dri to Xtreme wear, Sally Hansen seems to have it all. I was invited to a preview for all of their nail polish lines and found that they much more to offer. Cuticle oil enriched with vitamin e, fast drying drops and a hand creme that I really enjoyed. Sally Hansen has been around for decades, and at times, being an editorial manicurist you sometime forget about the drug store brands and what they have to offer. I am very glad that Sally Hansen’s Pr team invited me to view their products. I can certainly use them and give them some spot lights on my photo shoots. They gifted everyone who attended bags of polish and nail essentials. When I got home I had a great time playing in all of my goodies. The colors are vibrant and apply pretty well. The hand creme was my favorite on long with the cuticle oil. The next time you’re in a drug store, stop by the Sally Hansen display and take a look at their line. Not bad for some old timers. 🙂

Beauty…Nars pink eye shadows and lip pencil

Nars is a very nice make up line. I was gifted this eye shadow palette and lip pencil from Nars. Pink is one of my favorite colors in nail polish and this pink lip pencil is now one of my favorites too. Its smooth and very easy to apply. I haven’t tried the eye shadows yet but they are on my list. If you have not tried any Nars products go to your local Sephora (beauty heaven) and test them out. You will not be disappointed.






Dual eye Shado(new)- Bouthan

Pink Lip Pencil (exclusive)- 413BLKR

Revlon’s File and Peel 6-in-1 nail file



This is a great idea. I only use one file per person and this would be the perfect answer to not carrying around tons of files. You can use one file and peel off the top one to expose a new one, how clever Revlon. They come in 3 different colors, green, blue and black and the price is pretty good at $4.49. They can be found at your local drugstores. Off to Duane Reade I go.

Get ready Marc Jacobs has nail polish.

Drum roll please…


It was inevitable that the man himself would come up with a nail polish. I mean, Chanel ,YSL, Dior and Tom Ford all have nail polish lines so why not. The polish line doesn’t drop until the fall but here is sneak peak of what to look for. The bottles are gorgeous as in true Marc Jacob style. The brush isn’t to polish friendly because if short but the bottle alone makes you want to get it if only to just look at. The color was shown in his runway show on Valentines day and what better color to use than red! Clear was used on the hands, while the feet were adorned with the red…Sizzle and shine baby!



The fashion show, once again was the best one of the week. Marc Jacobs always out does himself. Not your ordinary up and down the runway but a really big production that always wows the guest.  Take a look at the rehearsal and the space that this show is held in. HUGE!!!!!




Zoya’s Pixie Dust Sensation


Zoya’s Pixie Dust hit the runway rk’s fashion week. Instead of using one color, I layered 3 colors to create a custom color of blue pixie dust for the Timo Weiland show






The three colors used from the collection were Godiva, with Dahlia and Nyx as the final color on top. The outcome was a hit with the designer and the stylist. This was pixie’s dust first debut down the runway. It has a matte finish, so top coat or base coat were not used. Pixie dust can be mixed with each other, but doesn’t play nicely with other color polishes.


You can find Pixie Dust at and you can become a pixie dust New Yo




How do you decide your color for your manicure?

We all have our ways on how we select colors for our manicures. You have a color in mind so when you get to your appointment you already know what you want or maybe you saw a color in an ad or on a friends nails that you want to try or sometimes you go in blind and just go with the flow. Most of the time when you go with the flow you end up picking a color that matches what you are wearing. I know, sounds strange but it’s so true. If your wearing green, you gravitate to green. If your wearing blue you go for the blue. But, CutieKTNY has a method all of her own. She has been getting her nails done a very long time and knows what she wants, but she has her own way of getting to that point. My favorite 9 year old who is now my favorite 12 year old has it down to a science…so to speak  LOL. Take a look.This is how she decides. She takes all the colors she likes and paints one on each nail and through a process of elimination she decides.

And here is the final result

How do you decide your color? I’m sure it isn’t half as entertaining as CutieKTNY.  🙂


Zoya’ s Pixie Dust

Introducing Zoya’s Pixie Dust Starting from top left: Dahlia, Chyna, Godiva, Vespa, Nyx and London.

It’s textured, matte and sparkling. Looks like sand on the beach but with color, more sparkle and finer.

Textured nails are this years trend for you manicure and Zoya has met the challenge with flying colors.

Application of Pixie Dust is a little easier because you don’t need a base or top coat. Apply 1-3 coats and let each coat dry in between layers to a matte finish to get the textured effect. It could take up to 10 minutes to dry completely but once dry they have a long lasting matte finish.

Let your inner fairy in to your nail collection and go to for your Pixie Dust!

Mac Eye Shadow + Clear polish= blue nail polish

Sometimes things happen and you have to use other resources. While at my day at the office, a certain blue was needed. The color that was needed spilled out and was wasted. What was a manicurist to do? If you’re an experience manicurist there would be no problem. You could mix colors together and make the color you need or you could put your thinking cap on and use other resources. The eye shadow used for the make up was the perfect color needed for the nails. I asked the make up artist if I could borrow her creme shadow and went to work. After, getting the perfect consistency and color, I was able to apply this color just like nail polish. Viola! the final product looks like nail polish add top coat and the job is done without missing a beat. I’m not the best manicurist but this works!

Nail art, Kitty cats and dots

One of my dear clients and friend is always showing me nail ideas that she would like to have. Of course I never believe her but this time she surprised me. Searching through her instagram page she found this polka dot nail art with a kitty cat face. It looked pretty simple so we sat down and went to work. She was very happy with the finish prodcut but, I know her daughter may not be so happy, since she wasn’t there to get her nails done too. This was pretty easy so I’m sure she can give her daughter a greats simulation.  🙂

Perfection is Possible

My day at the office…Gossip Girl was Here…Xoxo!

As some of you know my day at the office varies from day-to-day and from job to job. It is pretty fun and always different every day. On this day, Ciate was the brand and idea of choice for this rocker ex gossip girl. I posted it on my instagram and decided to post it here too. You can get this look by purchasing a Ciate kit. It is very simple, fun to do and looks great. It will last you about 2 days so make it worth it. 🙂

Good luck and have fun.

O.P.I.’s Liquid Sand stands the test

O.P.I. and Mariah Carey’s collaboration with nail polish, turned out to be one of their best yet. The liquid sand, which I told you about in a previous post has lasting abilities. The photo you see is 10 days old and counting. No chipping  and barely any wear besides the nails growing out from the polish. If she wasn’t getting tired of this color she could go another week. Now that’s what I called a good manicure worth every dime. Where O.P.I. nail colors lack in staying ability, they have hit the mark with the liquid sand. Now, if only they could make the regular colors stay that long!

Sephora’s Nail Bar

Sephora is a beauty heaven. Anything from make up, perfume, cosmetic brushes, facial products and nail polish can be found at Sephora. I visited one of the newer locations while I had some idle time to spare and why did I do that. I ended up playing in polish for almost an hour…as if I don’t play in polish everyday of my life. It was the most fun I had in a beauty store with nail polish. In drug stores, you can not open the polish to test, so how much fun is that? Well, in Sephora every brand, and every color has their own tester for you to try. You can give yourself a full manicure as they have remover, top and base coats, lotions and pusher to push those cuticles back. They even have a tester nail on a roll of clear paper so that you can test the color on the paper nail instead of your own (works great if your nails are already polished). The variety of colors was amazing. They have their own “X” brand polish that appeared to be pretty good. Nails Inc. was my favorite of all the brands. I always like their polish and got a chance to play in all the colors and their textured colors.





They even have a tutorial station that shows you videos on how to do designs on your own nails. It was a very cute idea. I actually sat there and watched all 4 videos. )


here are the clear paper nails that you can polish to get an idea of the color.


Nails Inc. glitter nails….one of my favorites. I want them all!!

My beauty day at Sephora was the highlight of my day. I took a spin around the entire store and played in the make up section and purchased a few items. I can’t wait to go back and spend some more idle time. 🙂


Spring is buzzing around with Zoya’s new spring collection

Spring bling in the pastel kind of way. Zoya, who does a cream and shimmer with each collection, has us all a buzz this spring. With names like Julie, Gie Gie Piaf and Blu the nails this spring will not go unnoticed. I love  pastel colors, especially for my pedicures, so I am ultra excited about this collection. It looks like it will be a softer side this spring going into summer. I want to use them now, but I think I will wait a few more weeks before I indulge. 🙂

I am currently waiting for the mail man to delivery the next collection by Zoya. Remember I told you textured  nails are the “it” thing this year? Wait to you see what they have in store with their Pixie Dust!  It gorgeous and I will let you see as soon as it arrives.


Perfection is possible.