Seche Vite Nail Color…the verdict is in!!!


after                              before


Seche Vite nail polish gets 5 stars!!  Here is the proof. The picture on the right was done 9 days ago. The picture on the left is what is looks like today after the 9 days. Barely any chipping and still in tack. You can not get not better than this. It doesn’t hurt that I probably give a pretty good polish too :).

But, if you were curious to know how well the Seche Vite color polishes hold here is your answer. They did extremely well. I will be using them again and again. Spring and Summer is coming up and can’t wait to see what they come up with next. Good job Seche Vite!!!


Perfection is Possible!

China Glaze is a glitter dream

I posted this on Instagram and Twitter and didn’t want to leave my blog out. China glaze glitters are the right amount of glitter. It’s more like a glitter dusting. Very fine so it is not so over powering. You could wear this glitter polish to the office because it’s so adult like. I love glitter polish and all for different reasons. I love this one because its gorgeous without the big chunks of glitter. Looks smooth and sexy and can be worn with anything, anywhere. Good job China Glaze. You have a new fan.


Polka Dots make the mark


Polka dots are making a big statement on nails. Lately, some nail art consist of just polka dots. I paired Zoya’s Trixie with a diagonal polka design in different colors.. Great contrast, plus your nails look like silver was poured on them 🙂  Try your polka dot nail art. It’s easy and fun. Mix it with stripes, color blocking or abstract designs. You can use a toothpick, safety pin or a dotter tool. They will all give you a good dot. 🙂  Enjoy!