The shape of the nail has taken on a trend within itself. For years, nails were shaped to be round oval or square but due to the overwhelming popularity of the nail industry, new shapes have begun to appear. Take the stiletto nail shape for example. It popped on the scene a few years back when we started to see the shape on celebrities and singing artist. This shape was teh perfect fit for an entertainer because their day to day use of their hands made it easy for them not to break a nail while still looking good. The shape however took on wings of their own and spilled over to the masses creating a stiletto shape nail trend (#4). The nail is filed and shaped into an extreme point with very narrowing sides. It is best to cover this shape nail with a gel or acrylic when wearing them this long for durability purposes. The stiletto shape looks easy to achieve but can be a bit tricky. It’s best to start with a tip nail that is already shaped into a stiletto just to make your job a little easier. Who said you can’t work smarter instead of harder. It saves time and and money.









Since, a new shape has risen…the coffin/ballerina nail. This shape is filed into a squared point but the tip of the nail is filed flat into a square  shape. The coffin nail looks best on longer nails, however the look can be achieved in a shorter version. Although you can get this look on your own, I recommend getting a nail professional to perfect the look for you.


You can explore with all the shapes listed to find what shape works best for you. If your natural nails are what you are wearing, a lot of growing and cutting will be required but if the false nail version is what you are using, then you can change up quite quickly. Good luck and send me some photos of your nail shapes.