NYFW16 and it’s Freezing 

It never fails, when February arrives we have two things to look forward to. One is New York Fashion week and two, it’s going to be cold. February came in with the brrrrr. 0 degrees but the shows must go on. 

For another season, myself and team The MadiSun Effect had the pleasure of working with Christian Louboutin for Novis and Cushnie et Ochs. 

With a 7am call time, we headed over to Chelsea Piers for the Novis presentation. The nail look at Novis was created by Alicia T. Three colors and negative space complimented the collection very well. Louboutin provided the colors and the MadiSun Effect assisted in making it all happen.    

The shoes were a combination of tassels and straps. Christian Loubouton custom made the shoes, so don’t expect to purchase these retail. Not these colors at least. 


Now it’s time to head over to Cushnie et Ochs for another gorgeous nail look.  

This may look easy to do, but it was the hardest out of the two designs. Models are rarely long and require more time effort to perfect the loo. The nails had french tips with 2 different but similar in tone colors from Christian Louboutin, Page and Khol


  The seduction of the collection also came across with the nails. 

I love Cushnie. Always sexy, seductive and all women. Never a hit or miss, they are always a hit. 


#nyfw perfectionispossible. Photos provided by @louboutinworld for Christian Louboutin 

Stay tune for tutorials on these nail looks. 



Holiday season requires a holiday party

It’s that time of the year for cheer, kindness, and prosperity. Holiday parties will be in full bloom. Here is a great way for your office to have a party.

The MadiSun Effect which is an on site grooming service company, can set up in the office for manicures and massages and give the staff a wonderfully polished and  primped experience for jobs well done during the hear.  What better way to say thank you.

Contact them now contact@themadisuneffect.com and visit their website http://www.themadisuneffect.com for more details.

Tis the season to be jolly

Massages and Manicures in the office?

There are a few companies that offer this type of service. Most are owned and operated by non industry people, meaning they have never given a manicure or massage service. The MadiSun Effect who are the new kids on the block, are owned, operated and sometimes serviced by 2 seasoned manicurist. The founding factors of this company was not only to provide exceptional sevice to the working community but also with the technician in mind.  “When you work in this business over 20 years, you see a lot of what can be improved on” says one of the founders of The MadiSun Effect.  They plan on taking the working force by storm and you might have one of them pop up and do manicures in your office.

Massages are an extra bonus of sevices they offer. I mean who doesn’t want a quick 20 minute chair massage to release some tension.  You can set up a massage therapist in your office along with a nail tech, weekly, bi weekly, monthly or for special events.  Visit www.themadisuneffect.com for more deets. You don’t know what you are missing.

Shop Resale and Consignment at It’s Fab U List


There’s a new shop in town and the name says it all…”It’s Fab U List”. This new online resale and consignment store, came to play. With new, gently loved and vintage items, you will be in fashion bliss. They have designer name brands from CHANEL, Gucci, Givenchy, Hermes and so many others. From current collections to last seasons misses, It’s Fab U List delivers. However the best part and why I’m blogging about this site is that, they have a 60 day installment plan!  How great is that. No finance charges on your credit card, you don’t have to spend your cash all at once and you can have that special item at a discounted price and pay over time. So visit  It’s Fab U List  and get your favorite item installed. 🙂  We are on our way over to that site to see what we can get our hands on.

Perfection is Possible!

One Of Those Things Under The Sun…Good Music For Your Soul…Meah Pace Ep release


I haven’t done an “anything under the sun blog post” in quite some time, but this is a joyous reason to start back at it. Working on a new project can be tedious, frustrating, exciting, challenging and daunting. You hope and pray for the support while working day and night to see your project come to life. This post is a little personal because the person I want you all to support is my very good friend who is like family to me. She has worked so hard, did it alone and never allowed anyone to tell her no. I have watched her sing, dance, network and become an extraordinary perfomer. I couldn’t be more proud and happy for her. So on 1/14/14, you can witness soul, strength, hard work, sexiness, accomplishment and just kick ass talent. My dearest friend Meah Pace, releases her debut Ep “11:03” on iTunes and I will make sure I have my copy. Set your calendars and download Meah Pace “11:03” for a soulful musical experience.

I owe my success to the person who told me “NO”. Who knew that all it took was to hear someone say no to push you harder. Congratulations to my girl! You got this and bringing in 2014 with a bang. Love you like…. (You know what it is) 🙂

Perfections is Possible