Summer style shopping fun

Although the weather doesn’t seem like summer, our fashion shopping is saying something different. As I enter into this new season of personal shopping, I have found new designers to try out and I’m going to start with LIU JO. Now I know they have been around and you may or may not have heard of them, but I just recently became a fan after purchasing a pair of shoes and boots. The boots were too big so I had to sell them. I got them super cheap on a final sale and could not return them. If you’re a size 6, keep checking my page, you may get lucky as I at times sell shoes that I can not be returned. I wish I could return these Yeezy boots I have. They hurt my feet soooo bad but I digress, let’s get back to why I am here, LIU JO

I ordered these heels for July 4th weekend and thought the stars were a great touch. They were marked down at the time from $233 to $59, I couldn’t pass them up. The shoes are comfortable and fit true to size.

I was able to shop a little for a client that needed a few things to brighten her mood. Here is what we didn’t get that may brighten your mood:

Click the image:

The style summer vibes are in a store near you

We started our closet clean out and transformation this week. With the weather changing, we had to ditch our cold weather coats and jackets and switch to our spring summer wardrobe. This is also the perfect time to purge and get rid of items in your closet that you no longer need. If you didn’t wear them in the past 2 years, it’s time to let go.

You now have room to add some of the pieces I will be showing you. From shorts to shoes to jeans and dresses, I am certain you will find something within your budget and style.

Let’s start with these Frame shorts

Frame shortsFRAME Le Vintage Bermuda Raw Edge Shorts > FRAME Le Vintage Bermuda Raw Edge Shorts“>Frame shorts
Tory Burch
Le Superbe

Prom Season is Here!

Prom season is upon us and the early bird gets the worm. Dresses and shoes are on high demand and we are here to help with some wonderful choices from all price points.

Let’s start with these:

The Journee Collection at Macy’s will give you the extra boost you need and add the perfect amount of style to compliment your prom dress with their lucite and ruched toe detail. The slingback silhouette and padded footbed make them as effortless as they are chic. They come in a variety of colors like this sage green Click the links to view sizing and color palette. Happy Prom Season

The Journee Collection

Sam Edelman

Sam Edelman is also a great choice and in a friendly budget

Journee Collection
Betsey Johnson

Gianvitto Rossi PVC Booties

One of my favorite shoe brands, possibly at the #1spot on my list. Always made so well and stands the test of time.

Found these booties at Saks online for a steal. The pvc was a bit stiff but nothing a little steam couldn’t handle. Loosen up the pvc and now I can wear them comfortably.

If you’re looking for a great pvc shoe option Rossi is perfect.

The answer to sticky boot zippers

We have all been there with the sticky or stuck zipper. After trying a few things, lip balm was the easiest, fastest and the most readily available item to fix the problem.

I wouldn’t call it a zipper hack but a zipper solution. Take a lip balm and rub it over the zipper up and down. Zip the zipper up and and down a few times to loosen it up and watch your zipper zip with ease. 🤗.

This also works on jacket zippers and jeans. Lip balm just ins’t for your lips anymore. Follow us on Instagram @itsfabulist

The Trash Can; Bag Included

The Trash Can, Bag Included

The dynamic duo we all need. As an amazon affiliate, I search for items that are functional and convenient . This trash can comes at a surprise. I didn’t think it would work or if I would like it. To my surprise it does work and comes in handy. With the bag at the bottom, it makes changing the trash can easy as 1, 2, 3.

You insert your trash bags at the bottom of the basket and feed it through. When you’re ready to empty the trash bag, just pull up, remove and the next bag is ready to use. How easy is that. Work great dorm rooms, office spaces, bedrooms and kids rooms. Comes in 3 different colors. Click the link to purchase.

Bottle Service

Travel necessity

Click the link to find the bottle service we all need, even in the club ;). This bottle dispenser can hold up to 4 different travel necessities all in 1.

4 pump tubes included in one dispenser to make it compact for travel and TSA Approved. Great for beauty products, sunscreens, baby products and for those that may need a little pick me up, you could fill them with your favorite liquid spirit (but you didn’t hear that from us)

We’re sure you will love this as much as we do.

Pedicure DIY

Sometimes a good foot soak or a stay at home pedicure isn’t as easy as it may seem. The filling of water and lifting the foot bath can become troublesome along with water spilling on your floors.

Your DIY pedicure has just gotten a little easier once you check out these new foot bath shoes. Lightweight and easy to fill and clean. Comes in different colors and different sizes. The bottom is non-slip, and the massage ball in the shoe massages the acupuncture points of the feet, caring for your health. Walking with this massage shoe every day can effectively promote the blood circulation of the feet

Fun for kids and adults. Add your favorite soak or essential oil, sit and relax and enjoy an easy way to have a pedicure at home or travel with them to enjoy any where.

Time for some fun!

2020 sure gave us some blows and punches. Some heartaches and some affirmations. We were quarantined for most of the year, had to cancel plans, re organize, think some things through and look at life as we knew it through a different lens. It showed us to slow down and appreciate each other and smell the roses. Processing it all gave us a new prospectives, ideas and challenges. But now the world is opening back up and let’s enjoy the best way we can.

First starting with myself. I’m going to start paying more attention to my blog as I see so much to share. Everything from nails, beauty, fashion, shoes (you know I lovvvveeee shoes) and travel. As my title reads, pretty much anything under the ☀️

So welcome back and let’s start with how I have new nail location that is private, cozy and just what the doctor ordered. During our most unintentional year, I had the opportunity to sit and re vamp the nail experience. Having fun with your nails again is part of the self care that we miss. Sure, you can do your nails yourself but sometimes it just feels great to sit back relax and get pampered. I can do my nails, but even I prefer to have someone else make them look and feel pretty.

I renamed and re structured my manicure and pedicures and made them hand and foot facials. I mean, why not treat your feet like your face. Softer, hydrated and moisturized. Thanks to the products of Mario Badescu, I was able to re imagine your hand and foot care and change the way you may feel about self care…It’s a must, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

The Mask Issue

We are in different times. Trying to find some normalcy gets a little difficult due to the recent pandemic. We are forced to try new things and venture out on new ways of living.

One of those things for certain, that has changed our lives, is the mask over our face and social distancing 😷. It is one of those necessities that we can not escape. We have to remember to “not leave the house without it”and make it somewhat look great with your fashion choice of the day.

Coming from a love of style and fashion, I too wanted to “up” my mask style game. I started wearing my mask with a fashionable chain.

The chain mask

After receiving compliments and the “where did you get that” I decided to add them to my Pipbuzzz to Go store. They are fashionable and lightweight with a nice price point Pipbuzzz to Go

You won’t drop and get your mask dirty again. You’ll never leave home without it and remain stylish at the same time. It’s a hard time for us all and trying to navigate through it all it can be daunting. Add a little bit of shine to your daily mask wearing. Head on over to Pipbuzzz to go and enjoy

Nail survivor during Quatantine.

Nails salons and manicurist are at a stand still and have no clue as to when business will resume. I’m sure a lot of you are having nail break downs. Pipbuzzz to go to the rescue.

Custom made press on nails are here. Head over to and shop a nail look or customize your very own. It will keep your nails in tact and put a smile on your face during this trying time. Remember to wash your hand and wash your nails.

Mustard press on’s were her choice. Remove by soaking off in remover. Do not pull them off as it could cause damage to your natural nails. Pipbuzzz to go !

Gel Polish Safe Removal

This is a troubling time for the beauty business. Salons, barbershops, and Nail salons are all closed due to COVID-9. Social distancing has become the new normal and staying in doors has forced us to try and maintain our beauty regimen.

This can be challenging and frustrating, especially when you don’t know how or what to do. I am here to help you through the process easily and safely. If your gel polish has grown out as shown in the photo below, these next few steps will be helpful.

The following are a few ways to remove your soak off gel while sitting at home. The hot water double bowl soak is up first. You can purchase the bowl here

First steps would be to boil some water to pour into the base of the bowl. Once water is hot, pour the water into the base of the bowl and clip the top portion back on. Use a buffer file to buff the gel topcoat lightly, to remove the first clear layer. Optional- You can lightly shape the nails while the gel is still on for a harder base. Fill the finger slots with polish remover, insert your finger into the slots for 10-15 minutes and watch the gel melt right off.

Remove your hand and push off and remaining gel residue with a q tip or orange wood stick. Wipe clean and add cuticle oil and viola, safe gel polish removal.

The second option is Kiss Quick Gel Soak Off

This set includes 10 soak off caps and 20 pads. You can also use cotton. Soak pads or cotton with remover and place over your nail. Insert your fingers into the caps and wait 10-15 minutes. Remove the caps with the pads or cotton and wipe off any gel residue. If the gel isn’t ready for removal continue to soak. Once all the gel is removed, wipe and add cuticle oil.

By now some of you having nail woes and trust me your manicurist are feeling it too. We can’t wait to get you back in our chairs and make your nails pretty again. Until the meantime, soak of safely, clip your nails if you can’t soak and start over once this troubling time is over. Hope to see you sooner than later.

Seal it with a KISS! Gel Fantasy and Jelly Fantasy Nails

Do you want a quick and easy way to lengthen your nails? Didn’t have time to give your manicurist some love? Well, Kiss Products has the perfect solution. Not only are they easy to apply and look great on, they last just as long as a gel manicure! I know, you’re saying to yourself, yeah right Pipbuzz, however, it’s the truth. Kiss new Gel Fantasy nails and jelly nails are great. You can apply them with the tabs included in each set or you can apply them with nail glue for an much longer wear.

They come in different shapes, sizes, colors and length. I had the pleasure of attending a Kiss event and applied nails for the attending guest. They loved the nails and took notes on how to apply them. I added a few touches by customizing the fit a bit by softening the tips or filing down the sides. You can clip them down if they’re too long or you can just file them down.

Head over to KISS and find the perfect Fantasy nails, in jelly fantasy or gel fantasy

Manicurist, Shoe lover!

I mean, who doesn’t love shoes. Whether you love heels, flats, platforms, quirky , boots or sneakers, I think we all have some kind of love affair with shoes. Mine is more than affair, more like a lifetime partnership 😉.

Not really a trendy shoe gal, but I appreciate the trends. I prefer to wait and catch some of them on super sale. With a size 6 shoe, I pretty much can almost, always get my size. I search for all heel heights, price points, comfort and brands that have some flare. It can sometimes be easier said than done but I love the hunt.

I find that visiting different shoes stores works better for me. You get better pricing and different styles. You can touch and feel and try on all day (the fun part). Not a the best online shopper so for me the shopping in a store is my preference. I get it, you don’t like the crowds or you don’t have time so you do it all online. The crowds are an issue with me as well so I go in the mornings when I don’t have to work. No one is shopping and you have the entire place almost to yourself. Your only competition are stay at home moms, nannies and stylist. 😉.

Recently I was invited to a shoe launch for Flor De Maria Rivera and her shoe collection @Flordemariacollection. This is her very first collection and I have to applaud her on a job well done. I tried them on and the comfort is refreshing. Great heel heights that are the perfect combination of high/low and sex appeal. Crystals, suede, plexi leather you name it, it was all there. From the vibrant yellow boxes to the extra straps that you can change from day to night. That alone makes them a must have. Take a peek and visit

Luminary Nail System…The New Nude you’re going to love!

This gel system is a base and color all in one bottle. It applies like a gel but it’s results are more like a structured gel that can be filed and filled without soaking off each time. You can add color gel over your nails but the beauty in this system are all of their natural hues. Soft pinks, creamy nudes and whites. A perfect blend for baby boomer nails (First called “American Manicure in the 80’s)

Natural nail wearers are the perfect fit for this system. It gives you a little more strength than other gel applications.

2019 Playboy playmate of the year, tried the system and it works well for her. This was my first time trying it out and the application is a bit different than normal soak off gel. She wears soft pink nails on a regular basis and I think I found the perfect match for her. We are both very happy.

Luminary Nail System is a service I offer at Pipbuzzz Nails. If you’re a natural nail wearer and open to trying something new, click the menu button and hit the “book an appointment”.

Your nails will thank you 💅🏽

Gel X, The new nail extension craze!

What is Gel X and what does it look like? They are a semi permanent way to have longer tallons with no damage to your natural nail when removed properly. Here it is in the red flesh. Gel X is an easier and faster way to extend your nails. The nails are made of gel and applied with gel with a mini Led light. You choose between several different pre made shapes and structure. Once applied, your gel color or polish of choice is applied and viola, your nails and hands have been beautified. The process takes about an hour and you can wear them between 2-3 weeks and some even longer.

Gel X has change the nail extension game for the better. Nail art can be applied and can worn plain with no color.

The product is available for professionals only to keep the integrity of the product. Find your closet Gel X manicurist and book your appointment to experience and nee nail change. You can book an appointment with me by clicking the menu page and selecting “book appointment”. Hope to see you. Until then always remember perfection is a journey that keeps getting better so Perfection is always possible!

Met Gala 2019…Solange and Python …Voted best nails of the Night

This year’s Met Gala theme was campy, the exaggerated, over the top version of something. Celebrities went all out on the pink carpet.

I had the pleasure of working with singer, song writer, Solange. This is our 5th go round and I must say it was an unexpected stream of appraisal. Salvatore Ferragamo created a custom python jumpsuit with matching boots for her Camp look. When I saw the photos of her look and the nails she wanted, I knew I had to have the fabric to match too. Ferragamo made it happen and gave me some scraps to execute the nails she wanted. Through time and patience, I was able to create a nail look that took to social media like wild fire. I was shocked. Who knew that it would be so overwhelming received. I just wanted to make her happy and complete the look she wanted and got so much more. Refinery 29 deemed these nails the best nails of the night! Wow. Thank you Refinery 29

She helped to make all of this happen once she posted the picture. Thank you Solange!!


There were a lot of amazing nail looks from my fellow nail techs on a night where we all got the credit. My hat goes off to them because they were workkkiinnggg. 🙌🏾. Here are some of the work from some pretty amazing manicurist

So until next year, Happy Met 2019!

First Monday in May… The Met Gala

May brings flowers and The Met Gala, one of the most anticipated events of the year. Celebrities, models, artist and socialites get together to celebrate the art of fashion through a theme. Fortunately, I get to be involved in helping the look come to life with a nail look that compliments the theme.

Last year I was able to apply my creativity to the nails when my client, “Solange” wanted nail charms to dangle from her nails…cowry shells to be exact. I immediately began sourcing the perfect size shells for the nails. Once the shell was found, creating the nails in advance was the next task. I didn’t take long to do and the end result was what she wanted to match her theme.

The nails are captured in almost every shot and she was beautiful. Met Gala 2018 was a hit.

I am looking forward to 2019 Met Gala. You never know what could be next. So, until the next Monday in May, keep nailing it!

New Brand Alert…LAPAR

Being an established manicurist in the business for over 20 years, doesn’t mean that I stop trying new things. I am always learning and trying new things that may work better than others or play well with the others. As years pass, technology changes and so do products. I still have my all time favorites that work really well but there is always space for new additions.

LAPAR gels.

While on my Instagram explore page, I came across a gel look on a celebrity that a manicurist did that I follow. The color was a nude color that appeared to be barely there, something that I have been looking for. I followed the link and placed an order.

A few days later the colors arrived. I ordered more than just a nude. The colors in the image were some of the other colors I purchased. Yes, I still have to purchase some things 😉. I could not wait to test them out.

My client called and she would be the first one to try this beautiful nude. The texture was creamy and opaque. Went on smooth and cured nicely. She loved it and so did I. 3 weeks later it was removal time. It was one of the easiest removals of a gel I have seen in a bit. Nails in tact and I applied the same color again for another 3 weeks.

LAPAR is based in California and they have some great colors. I also have their no wipe gel topcoat and a few nail polishes too.

They have been added to my collection of gels to offer to my clients. If you’re curious to see how great they are, click the book an appointment button under menu and make an appointment with me.

Happy New Year…Time to declutter

New year, new start. A great time to declutter and re organize. From nail polish to your wardrobe, the time is now.

Nail polish has a pretty good shelf life, however if you start to see more oil than polish at the top of the bottle, it’s time to get rid of it. Rolling or shaking it at this point is very very temporary. If your polish looks like the bottle image below, it is time to dispose of it.

For the bottles that still have some life left to them, mix them with other colors and create your own custom color.

You can also donate them to schools who need polish for teaching new manicurist how to polish or local community centers.

When all else fails, dispose of them correctly. Because nail polish is considered a hazardous waste, you have to dispose of it carefully. First, open a window. The fumes of several polishes being poured out could beca little over bearing.

Pour out nail polish onto pieces of newspaper. Let he polish dry completely. Leave the bottles open to dry out. Once everything is completely dry, screw the tops back on the bottles you can and dispose of the polish and bottles. Recycle the bottles or call a recycling company to pick them up. It is a process to dispose of old polish but it is environmentally safe to dispose of this way.

You can keep the good bottles on a shelf and organize by color. I tend to organize by brand and color. Do what works for you and have a good New Year in the name of polish.

Fiber Glass nail tips…old school is now the new school

What is old is new again no matter what it is. Clothing, cars, beauty and nails have all made a comeback with certain things. We see the designers bringing back their old iconic signatures all over clothing and now nails are bringing back an old but new way of nail extensions. While looking at my IG feed, I was sent a video to my DM from the page of @cantinhodalara_nails. They were fiberglass nails being applied. I was surprised to see the method and the way fiber glass is now made. Where, it used to look like silk wrap or a sheet that you cut out pieces to fit the nail, is now threads, of the fiber. She applied the threads and then cut them off. Im curious to know the longevity in this method but it does look pretty cool. You can certainly apply gel or acrylic over the fiber for a stronger hold to the nail and polish as normal. Not sure if it’s a method I will be adding to my services but I like seeing all that we, manicurist, are doing in the nail world.

Check our her page to see more of how this method is done.

What is the deal with dry toe nails?

(Images are not my own)

During my many years of experience at doing manicures and pedicures, I have come across several different nail issues. From chipping, to breaking to weak nails to how to make them grow, you name it.

Recently I was testing out a product on several different women, whom I have never met. They were to receive pedicures while using the product. While removing old polish, I noticed 9 out of 10 of the women all had very dry, white spotting toes nails. I couldn’t understand why so many of them were dealing with this issue. My clients all have very nourished nails so to see so many toes that did not was alarming. I ruled out certain issues because it was a common thread with practically all of them. The one thing I did not rule out was the polish being on their nails longer than they should and maybe the polishes were being diluted with acetone which can really dry out the nails. Now, Im not saying that this was the exact issue, but from seeing toe nails for years, I have a pretty good eye in knowing what it could be.

If this is the case, let’s go over some things you can do to avoid this from happening to you.

It starts with your nail tech/manicurist. She should be a licensed professional that cares about your nails and their treatment. She should also recommend that you don’t keep your nail polish on for more than 3 weeks. Nail polish removal is important. So after 2-3 weeks remove the polish to see what your nails are doing. A white base coat or ridge filler should be use before applying colored polish. This will aid in allowing the polish to not stain your nails. You can also buff the nail lightly and the white spots may disappear. Afterwards, make sure the nail is hydrated with a cuticle oil or vitamin E

Another way to help in the health of your toe nails, is, bring your own nail polish. Old polish or diluted polish that is left on the nails for a period of time will possibly dry your nails out. You want to be sure that the polish being applied is at its maximum performance.

Again, this may or may not be your issue. This is what I see with the naked eye that could be the cause of your dry nails. You may require to seek medical attention if you’re not sure what the problem is.

Your next nail appointment, should be a breeze now that you know what to look for and what to do. If you’re in the New York area, you can always come see me :).

Pipbuzzz to Go…Manicures the new necessity

So here’s the deal. Manicures are one of the best things to make anyone feel better. I would see my clients automatically relax and sink into their chair and just take a breather. I realized that the once beauty service that was considered a luxury, has now become a necessity. Not only because it makes our nails pretty , but because it allows us to relax from our everyday hustle and bustle. So I decided to make that necessity available to those that need it the most.

Working 40 plus hours a week plus family time, sometimes allows no time for some of the things we want to do, like manicures. I launched Pipbuzzz to Go for that very reason.

Pipbuzzz to Go sets up in your office, in a conference room or designated space. It’s a nail salon at your service. We set up a day on a recurring basis or for a wellness day to boost team morale. Your office will have their own private link to book appointments and get email confirmations. We show up and provide manicures on the go. Within 20-25 minutes you are out the door and back to your desk. It’s that fast and efficient. Our licensed and professional staff will make sure your manicure is groomed to perfection.

Visit our website Pipbuzzz to Go and get all the info. Contact us at

If you sign up your office, your manicures are complimentary.

The Press On Nail

Press on nails have been around for years. It’s the old school way of adding length to your nails without adding acrylics, gels or powders. It was instant long nail gratification for many women…add nails, polish and viola, you had 10 perfect nails.

Fast forward to nails of today and the press on nail has evolved into a wanted and desirable product. They come in many nail colors as well as some with stones and nail art. You can have short, long, round, square and even stiletto. They can be found in drug stores, beauty supply stores and department stores. Designers have even cashed in on the craze by creating their own, custom nail art press on nails. NYFW models have seen their share of press on nails. It is the easiest and fastest way to obtain the desired nail looks for the runway shows. But the best reason is, there is no drying time! No models smudging their nails or destroying them because they forgot they were wet. The only con would be, one nail falling off so properly securing the nail is important. Some of the press on’s come with adhesive already attached, you just have to find the size and put it on your nail. Others require nail glue or nail tape

China Glaze has great nail art press on nails. Nail glue is required.

Designer Christian Siriano collaborated with impress press on and created jeweled and abstract nail art

Kiss nails come with and without self glue but in all shapes and length. This fantasy pack is all you need for a quick night on the town.

You can find these nails at CVS or Walgreens. So the next time you are in a hurry and need a nail fix, these can be your solution.

Lauren B Organic Nail Polish

Let’s talk about this Lauren B botanical/organic nail polish. I received nude polishes, cuticle care products and lotions to try. Not to mention the nicely scented polish remover pads that smell like fresh strawberries.

The first thing I picked up was the cuticle care roll up stick. It is my new favorite thing. Fits perfectly in my handbag and easy to use with no messy residue. Roll up the brush and just brush on your cuticle. Why didn’t I think of that.

The cuticle serum was also a great surprise that I loved. No results yet on it’s results but it’s great so fat. Will keep you posted.

  • Nail polishes and hand cream will be a great addition to my kit as they are both great to work with. Remover pads smell great and great for home use, but the removal process for me is a bit longer than I need it to be. I love the packaging by the way. Can’t wait to try some color polishes.

Gelish Poly Gel Game Changer

I have been on You tube looking at countless videos about this product. I was intrigued by it and wanted to try it for myself and then I got an email inviting me to a preview of the new product by Gelish "Polygel". I couldn't wait. Danny, the founder of Gelish was in the room helping along with the demonstration. It is a gel system with more of a rubbery texture that doesn't run or drip off the nail. You can remove it and replace it if the application is going wrong. This product is amazing. No more fumes or dust you get from acrylic but the durability you get from acrylic. Cures like hard gel without product movement, and smooths out for easy filing. A game changer for sure. Keep visiting for the application process.

Get Your Nails D.I.D.

When I sat with the owner and creator of D.I.D. Nail paint, I was instantly impressed with her display of nail paint that came in a covered glass case. With 12 vibrant colors, including some nudes, topcoat,  basecoat and polish remover it was everything of a pleasurable experience. I tried all the colors while sitting with her and chatting about shades, coloring and how she got started. The bottles are lightweight easy to hold and will fit nicely in my kit. With names like Prosecco, a shimmery gold and Surfboard, a light blue the colors certainly delivered. Looking forward to seeing whats to come from “get your nails D.I.D.

Gelish dip and go

Remember the time when you would put glue on your nail and dip it in powder to keep them from breaking? It was the easiet thing to do at the least costly expense. They always say what’s old is new again and that has certainly held true in 2017

Gelish has come up with their own powder dip system 

It comes in different colored powders and the activators needed to seal the deal. This is another alternative to acyrlic and gels. It’s worth a shot to see if your nails agree. 

Im actual looking forward to what’s old is new again. The release date is coming soon so check your local salon or manicurist and get dipped! 

Smith & Cult my new obsession 

I was able to finally try the talk around town of nail polishes and was instantly pleased. 7 colors were sent to me and they all go down as one of the best to work with. Smooth application and great coverage.  The silver top bottle puts them in class of their own with their signature hammered dent on each top. The top pops off for easier handling and they have great names. 

Meet Smith & Cult

Feathers and Flesh

Lovers Creep

Feed The Rich

Stockholm Syndrome

Kings & Thieves

Regret The Moon

Dirty Baby

Basis of everything (base coat)

Above it all (top coat)

And to top it all off they are 5 free

You’ll get to see more of what I do with my new obsession Smith &Cult

Winter hands transition

I know, your hands are not doing in this off again on again cold to hot weather. Trust me my hands are feeling it too. But I have a remedy that could be quite useful. Ever try a paraffin treatment?  If you haven’t, your next manicur appt should include one 

Dip your hands in warm wax until they are nicely coated, wrap and sit for 5-10 minutes. Remove from the wrap bag and notice the difference. Your hands will love it. Having your own personal paraffin is also plus, you can use it how often you like.  Most of my private clients have their own machines and they take full advantage of it. 

You can also use it for your feet or elbows. 

Give it a shot and let me know what you think. 

Perfection is possible 

Essence the gel nail polish 

With Led gel polish being all the rave because of there shine and long wear, there are more and more polish brands popping up with their version of no light gel polish. I was sent this new brand “Essence” to take for a test drive. I tried “lets get lost” ( the blue) and “sweet as candy” (the pink)

The application was smooth and with the base coat covering so well, it allowed for even better coverage.

After appyling the gel top coat, it brought the shine to another level. It gives a great gel effect without the curring under a light with an exceptional shine. Looking for less shine? They have a satin matt top coat that dulls the high shine to a matt finish.

Essence gel nail polish can be found at Ulta retail stores. I look forward to adding them to my collection.

Pucker Up! Zoya has lipstick 

When I received my Zoya summer colors in the mail who knew it would include lipstick. 12 beautiful summer colors and two sample lipstick colors. I was overjoyed and ready to try them. I have tried their lipgloss in the past and they are great so I can only imagine how wonderful these lipsticks will be. With names like Candy and Frankie I’m sure they will not dissappoint. They were creamy full-color and went on with ease.  Zoya has now tapped into the beauty market a bit further and I can’t be more excited. When a polish brand that can make a great nail polish amd understands what full coverage does for the application onto nails, making a great lipstick isn’t hard to do. 

They have an array of lipstick colors so hop on over to their site Zoya and take a dip into their lipsticks. 

Morgan Taylor and Gelish Take it to the Streets

I love it when the seasons change because the new nail polish colors are something to look forward to. My weekend nail mail was a pleasant surprise from Redpr, Morgan Taylor and Gelish. 

Vibrant colors that link to each other depending on if you prefer gel or nail polish. Gelish takes it to the streets with their Street Beat collection and Morgan Taylor brings dream of yachting with their A Very Nauti-cal Girl collection.

New to the collection which I am happy for are their new manicure esssentials. Complete with Pure Cleanse, a cleansing spray, Accelerate, quick dry drops, Strip Ease, polish remover and Remedy, cuticle oil infused with antioxidant grapeseed and vitamin E 

 Some added colors to my gelish collection. Did you know Gelish has over 130 colors in their core collection? I’m almost there in having all 130. 🙂💅🏽  
The process…when a new collection comes in, I have to catalogue and swatch each color. Gelish has a colorful pallet this season that I can’t wait to dive into. Check with your local manicurist and get gelled by Gelish new spring collection

The only thing your local manicurist may be missing is the Street Beat mini wireless speaker from Morgan Taylor and Gelish. It boast great sound and function. Its small enough to fit in your pocket and in a great pink color. Im in love with my new sounds and the Street Beat and Nauti-cal Girl collection. Get in touch with me and let’s arrange a nail day. 
Perfection is possible xoxo

Pipbuzzz has a new organic hand soap by Saint Paris Products

If you’re anything like me and wash your hands multiple times a day, then this is your friend. Saint Paris Products are made with love and care for the skin, body and soul and dirty hands 😉. Most hand soaps strip your hands and make them dry as the dessert.  This lavneder vanilla hand soap not only smells great but cleanse your hands so well without stripping them down. The first time I used it, I couldnt belive the dirt I saw in the cleansing water.  You would have thought I never washed my hands.  My hands were clean and felt great. Add the lavneder and vanilla lotion and feel the moisture.  Because these products are so orgnic their shelf life is approx 9 months so be sure to use them before they expire.  Mine didn’t last that long due to my usage.  Visit Saint Paris Products and take a look at the other featured products. 
Xoxo pipbuzzz

Deborah Lippmann… If you haven’t tried these, I suggest you should


Cuticle care is always a trending topic and some manicurist will give you different opinions about to cut or not to cut.  My expert advice will always be not to cut.  In efforts to assist you in the non cutting process, Deborah Lippmann has a cuticle remover that works extremly well. The first bottle to the left, applies like polish but only around your cuticle area. When you start to push back the cuticles with a cotton covered orangewood stick, you will see the dead tissue being remove very easily. It gives a very clean finish as though your cuticles have been cut.  Apply her cuticle drops (in the middle bottle) rub in, massage the hands and apply All about that base, color and top coat.  The images below is just base coat without any color. Cuticles are in tack and look clean. Shop Deborah Lippmann for these essentials and get your cuticles in order 


Nails Inc. Gel Effects in Baker Street Blue

I thought I misplaced this bottle and I was going bonkers trying to find it, until I realized it was sitting right in front of my eyes. You don’t understand how much I love this color. I love blue nail polish and this gel effects makes me love it more.  The shine is incredible and the wear is long lasting.  Baker street blue became the go to blue a few years ago when Beyonce wore it and we all ran out to get it, including me 😉. It’s a go to blue and pretty much looks good on all skin tones.  

Perfection is possible. Try it out

The new CND LED Light

This is what the nail community has been waiting for.  CND has finally did it and produced their very own LED light for their Shellac and Brisa products.  The light is exceptional. It has individual grooves for each finger and a sleek light weight design. The timer is set with 4 different timing intervals, two which are for curing Shellac and the other two will cure the Brisa gel.
  It is easy to clean and durable. CND was able to perfect a great light because they waited which allowed them to do a lot of research and development in getting it right.  


The light will blink in the first and last timing settings but don’t worry, no more first reaction burning sensation to the nails. 


The curing process is shorter and which cuts down on time it takes to give a Shellac manicure. With 80 colors in the collection, you will love this LED light, I know I do.

Mally Gel Polishes

You may know her as the make up artist to the stars, but what you may not know is that Mally Roncal founder of Mally Beauty also has gel polish. They come in this pretty pink carrying case with mini pink led light and gel colors. I received her kit a few years ago and really loved the system, so much that I used all of the colors. They are light, small bottles and easy to travel with. Recently, while working on set at a shoot for Redbook magazine, I had the pleasure of meeting Mally personally. She was a pleasure to meet. I shared with her that I loved her gel colors and 2 weeks later, I received her newest colors. I was beyond thrill. They are pretty and so ladylike (exactly what I love). I have used them on most of my celeb clients and they love them as much as I do.
The pink carry case is one of the best parts as well as the new colors added to my collection. So thankful for them, because my poor collection was dwindling down.




Thank you Mally for a great product and the wonderful new colors

Perfection is Possible

The Light Every Manicurist Should Have

Home manicure visits are becoming more and more popular and good lighting is always the first thing manicurist do not have. Trying to carry a lamp with a cord, extension cord and heavy bases can be very cumbersome. I searched on line for a compact solution and found one. The OttLite is cordless, slender, lightweight and gives the time, date and temperature. I couldn’t wait to get it. It has LED lighting and a charger to recharge the light after each use. One touch of the button and your light is bright and ready to use. Press it again and it dims. It can fit nicely in any kit bag and even your handbag. Stands approximately 12 inches at its tallest setting. You can mount it or not. It has worked wonders. I’m sure you will be able to get multiple uses out of this cordless light, but manicurist will never want to leave this at home.


It comes in white and black and below is the packaging to look for.


The cost is around $49.99 and worth every penny.  I know you will like it just as much as I do.

Great Nail Polish Holiday Gift Ideas

Are you stuck on what to get for a holiday gift? Have a budget, but want to get something that is pretty cool? Nail polish always makes people happy and designer lables have now give you some other options. Ranging in price from $25-$50, you can not go wrong with the useful gift. The packaging is awesome, the bottles are pretty and the colors are to die for. Check out the brands I happen to own and love (for designer polish that is). 🙂

download images (1) images (2) images

Tom Ford, Michael Kors, CHristian Louboutin and Gucci. All of them make for great gift giving without breaking the bank. You will have to top yourself next year. But I’m sure there will be more to come in the designer nail polish business.

Make a wish with, Zoya’s Wishes Collection



Talk about wishes, this collection feels just like that. My favorite color is Prim, a blue icy treat. The entire collection is like a dream come true in the world of nail polish. :). There is a black black that has an incredible shine and can be mixed with any of the colors of the collection.


So, make a wish and pick up the Wishes Collection

Blast from the Past, Zoya Matte Velvets


Matte lip stick now has a partner in crime, the matte nail polish. I’m so thrilled to see these back in the line up. There are very few matte polishes that have lasting ability and this by far is the best one for me. Matte polishes do not require a top coat, therefore leaving it susceptible to wear and chip much sooner. Well, not Zoya’s Matte Velvets. I have had success with these polishes for 5-6 days without chipping, no top coat and no tip wear. The client who wore the matte actually went on a trip to the tropics and came back with nails and polish in tact. How’s that for power polish. If you haven’t tried them, please give them a shot. The colors are jewel tones and look great. For a limited time you can get a matte lipstick and a matching matte polish with a purchase of $30 at

Protective Nail Guards for Gel and Acrylic Nails

nail guard

Gel manicures are increasingly get more nail time, inspite the damaging effects it can cause. Compaines are figuring out ways to combat gel nails bad behavior, by creating different products to aid in better nail health. An earlier post I talked about the IBX system that strengthens the nail inside out and repairs with the brush of a super formula and heat from a regular light bulb. Results were good. Notice strength took a little more time but the clients nails were stronger and less damaged.

I was introduced to another product that suggest by adding these nail guards to the nail before a gel or acrylic application, it will protect the nail and make for easy removal. You peel off the sticker, apply it to the nail and proceed with the gel application. When it is time to remove the gel, you take an orangewood stick, dip it into remover and go around the edges of the nail as to lift the gel off the nail plate and peeling the nail guard and gel off completely, leaving the natural nail unharmed. Seems like a pretty good idea. Will give it a try and let you know my thoughts. With any product, you have to try it first and watch it over a period of time for the best results. My concerns as a nail tech, would be the lifting of the guard with the orangewood sitck and will the guard hold through water and not lift on its own. I will make sure to update you on my thoughts. Until then, stay nail happy, enjoy your manicures and visit back again. 🙂

One of those Things Under The Sun

Blogs are great resources and outlets for all types of things. Although my blog is mostly about nails and beauty, I titled it in a way that allows me to blog about anything. This is one of those “anything under under the sun” post :).
I love fashion and this is NYFW. If your looking for vintage, new, pre owned or mens items, check out one of my favorite online resale shops They are having a sale, take an additional 20% off all sale items. So in honor of NYFW, take a look and maybe it will be your favorite too. If you love CHANEL anything as much as I do, you will be pleasantly surprised.


CND Cucumber Heel Therapy for Great Pedicure Results

I love products point, blank, period and when I find a really good one, I like to share. This foot cream from CND is lovely. It has a great scent, great consistency and feels great on your feet. It is an intensive moisturizing complex with cucumber extract, chamomile and aloe to aid in the repair of dry, cracked skin.


It is also good to use daily. Remember, your pedicure gets your feet groomed, but keeping them groomed in between appointments is also important. This cream would be perfect for that in between maintenance.
Let me know what you think. It is one of my favorites.

Morgan Taylor Nail Color

Nail mail is a big deal for me…I love it! This was a good day to open the mailbox. Well, not the mailbox per say, my doorman had a box with my name on it. :). I was pleasantly surprised with the content. In case your not aware, Morgan Taylor is a nail polish brand that is picking up lots of steam. The colors are rich and apply very well. Enclosed were glitters and creams and I tried them both.




They were great to work with and dried nicely. I love the colors and looking forward to trying out more of their collection.

Zoya Naturel Deux Collection




It’s almost that time of year where you don’t want bright, neon or dark colors for your manicure. Zoya comes up with the answer with their transitional colors in their Naturel 2 Collection. It is a combination and blends of neutrals with brown, pink and tan tones, that go perfectly into fall.
There is a shade for all skin tones in this collection. You can find them

Zoya’s Tickled and Bubbly Collection


I am a little late writing this post, but due to an overwhelming schedule, I have gotten behind in my blog post. I will get better 🙂 Now, back to business.

This collection from Zoya leaves you feeling tickled and bubbly once you use these breathe of fresh air nail colors. From pops of pink and coral to the tangerine sparkles, to blue and greens, no matter what side you choose, it all equals happy!
Zoya always does a creme side and a glitter side that always compliment each other. You can mix and match or overlay them. One color that we tried was a huge hit. Wendy is a tricky pink, as it gives off a coral tone.


Wendy is from the Tickled collection and it is beautiful. It helps that the consistency of the polish is perfect as Zoya’s colors always are. They are very creamy which allows for better coverage and better application…one of my all time favorites, for sure.