The Mask Issue

We are in different times. Trying to find some normalcy gets a little difficult due to the recent pandemic. We are forced to try new things and venture out on new ways of living.

One of those things for certain, that has changed our lives, is the mask over our face and social distancing 😷. It is one of those necessities that we can not escape. We have to remember to “not leave the house without it”and make it somewhat look great with your fashion choice of the day.

Coming from a love of style and fashion, I too wanted to “up” my mask style game. I started wearing my mask with a fashionable chain.

The chain mask

After receiving compliments and the “where did you get that” I decided to add them to my Pipbuzzz to Go store. They are fashionable and lightweight with a nice price point Pipbuzzz to Go

You won’t drop and get your mask dirty again. You’ll never leave home without it and remain stylish at the same time. It’s a hard time for us all and trying to navigate through it all it can be daunting. Add a little bit of shine to your daily mask wearing. Head on over to Pipbuzzz to go and enjoy

Drugstore Nail Finds…Frida Kahlo

You ever go into your favoite drug store and walk down the nail polish isle? I love to do it! I love seeing what products are new for the consumer to use. Between nail polish, essentials and nail art diy kits, you can find just about everything you need to give yourself a great DIY manicure.

Recently, while shopping in one of my go to drugstores, I came across nail polish that I instantly was drawn to. Frida Kahlo, known for her self portraits was now on the bottles of nail polish. I had to have them all, not because I need another bottle of polish, but because I love art and Frida Kahlo’s art at that. The colors were bright and vibrant which were reminiscent of that of Kahlo’s art. Not only did they have nail polish in her name sake, there was also make up, nail files and nail clippers.




Not quite sure how long this has been available or if its a special colletion, but I made sure I didnt miss out. I won’t use them, just keep them for collector purposes.


Perfection is Possible


Spring, the time of nail trends 

There is no no doubt that nail polish is a trend within itself. With so many brands popping up and older brands that keep evolving, the nail polish world is always on trend. From nail art, to glitter, to extensions, to multiple color changes, the nail world is here to stay. 

During NYFW Spring shows, some designers played close attention to the nails and came up with some great looks that will trend this spring. With the help of Popsugar, I pulled some of the best nail looks to pay attention 


There were lots of geometric shapes and lines, grids and 2 tone nail looks. The naked nail with pops of color and solid bright colors also played a part in what you may want to look for this spring. 

NYFW16 and it’s Freezing 

It never fails, when February arrives we have two things to look forward to. One is New York Fashion week and two, it’s going to be cold. February came in with the brrrrr. 0 degrees but the shows must go on. 

For another season, myself and team The MadiSun Effect had the pleasure of working with Christian Louboutin for Novis and Cushnie et Ochs. 

With a 7am call time, we headed over to Chelsea Piers for the Novis presentation. The nail look at Novis was created by Alicia T. Three colors and negative space complimented the collection very well. Louboutin provided the colors and the MadiSun Effect assisted in making it all happen.    

The shoes were a combination of tassels and straps. Christian Loubouton custom made the shoes, so don’t expect to purchase these retail. Not these colors at least. 


Now it’s time to head over to Cushnie et Ochs for another gorgeous nail look.  

This may look easy to do, but it was the hardest out of the two designs. Models are rarely long and require more time effort to perfect the loo. The nails had french tips with 2 different but similar in tone colors from Christian Louboutin, Page and Khol


  The seduction of the collection also came across with the nails. 

I love Cushnie. Always sexy, seductive and all women. Never a hit or miss, they are always a hit. 


#nyfw perfectionispossible. Photos provided by @louboutinworld for Christian Louboutin 

Stay tune for tutorials on these nail looks. 


A Skin Care Dream, Choiselle 

If you don’t know I love products.  I get a ton of products to try and use, and often times I end up adding to my nail kits. If I like it, it will make the cut.

I had the pleasure of meeting a young lady who has a skincare product line.  It is great for extremely dry skin. She shared with me her product line and gave me the history on her brand. She is from St Lucia and name her product “Choiselle’ after a town in St Lucia Her line of products consist of body butters, body oils and lotions. I was able to try out the oils and lotions and loved them.  Great consistency, nice scents and beautiful packaging.


My favorite is the lavender body oil.  I use oils with some of my services, and this can be a really good addition.  Check out Choiselle and  try it out for yourself. The price point may be a little aggresive but this is a luxury brand made In small batches and bottled to order. How’s that for freshness.  Choiselle is Perfection is possible.