NYFW16 and it’s Freezing 

It never fails, when February arrives we have two things to look forward to. One is New York Fashion week and two, it’s going to be cold. February came in with the brrrrr. 0 degrees but the shows must go on. 

For another season, myself and team The MadiSun Effect had the pleasure of working with Christian Louboutin for Novis and Cushnie et Ochs. 

With a 7am call time, we headed over to Chelsea Piers for the Novis presentation. The nail look at Novis was created by Alicia T. Three colors and negative space complimented the collection very well. Louboutin provided the colors and the MadiSun Effect assisted in making it all happen.    

The shoes were a combination of tassels and straps. Christian Loubouton custom made the shoes, so don’t expect to purchase these retail. Not these colors at least. 


Now it’s time to head over to Cushnie et Ochs for another gorgeous nail look.  

This may look easy to do, but it was the hardest out of the two designs. Models are rarely long and require more time effort to perfect the loo. The nails had french tips with 2 different but similar in tone colors from Christian Louboutin, Page and Khol


  The seduction of the collection also came across with the nails. 

I love Cushnie. Always sexy, seductive and all women. Never a hit or miss, they are always a hit. 


#nyfw perfectionispossible. Photos provided by @louboutinworld for Christian Louboutin 

Stay tune for tutorials on these nail looks. 


NYFW AW15 With Zoya and Rachel Zoe

Twice a year I look forward to one of the busiest and stylish weeks of the year, better known as NYFW. Zoya teamed up with the stylist, Rachel Zoe and created a pearlized sheer white inspired by the designers love of the 60’s and 70’s. It was a clean and youthful spin on a throwback nail color, while giving the glamour and mod feel Zoe was looking for, to compliment her mod brit presentation. I was the nail lead for this show, with a great team to bring the nail look together. We applied 2-3 coats of the color called “Zoe” ( how fitting) and topped it off with Zoya’s armor top coat for a high shine.


Backstage and finalizing the looks





I love presentations because you get to see the looks up close and personal, and that goes for the nails too, so they had to be perfect. 😉

NYFW Fall 2104 was a blast…

A blast of snow, cold, nails, and fashion. This season was a very cold and snowy one. However, the show must go on. With 6 shows is tow, we made it happen. A great team is key to having a good fashion week. The colors for the season seem to be going in the darker red direction with some of the designers showing the same color.







White and off white also showed up on the runways. We had fun doing the Rolando Santana show with the reverse french in pixie dust by Zoya.
The Zimmerman show had the deep v look with the color Sam as the color.
Great season, and can’t wait for next season. Follow me on twitter and instagram @pipbuzzz for more pics on NYFW Fall 2014

My Polish Collection part 1

photo 1 photo 4 photo 3 photo 2


Ok. so here is part one of my polish collection. I am always asked about my polish and what it looks like. I’m not really a fan of putting them on my walls on racks, so I try to think of other ways to display them without them taking over my entire home. Posted here, are racks I use, carrying cases which I have about 6 of , and a wall unit.  What  you don’t see are my rolling carts, pull out drawers and bags and bags and bags of polish sorted by color. Overall, I think I own over 1500 bottles of polish. Yikes!! that’s a lot but, it never gets old. I love getting new polishes and new products. I have many different brands, but  I have my favorites I like to work with. I am looking for more options to house my massive collection and will keep you posted in part two of my polish collection down the road.


Perfection is Possible!!

New York Fashion Week NYFW Fall 2013 with Peter Som and Zoya

Today is the first day of Fashion week and Peter Som was the first one on my list. Although he opted out of a runway show for a digital show it was still full speed ahead. Zoya created a custom color for the designers digital show. Digital is the new way for designers to show their collection. Stay tuned for Peter Som showing on Feburary 13th. I know you will be in for a treat.

A Glamour Mag and Zoya presentation!

This was a day that every office should experience. Glamour hosted a manicure day in honor of their new web launch. Zoya, who is the new color of fashion, was the polish of choice and Spa-ahh-Fair was on board to give the ladies their pretty in pink manicures. It’s always nice to have a grooming day with such great ladies. Their manicures had to have some kind of popping pink and the ladies were very open to trying different things. Stay tune to Glamour’s new web launch on or around Nov 28th to see pictures of all the excitement. But, until then here are a few that was I able to catch 🙂