DIY Your Foot Callous Away

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. I’m talking about removing callous from your heals. In a regular pedicure, your technician uses a scrub and foot file and maybe a callous remover than contains gycolic acid.

You can assist in your own callous removal between your pedicures with a diy of products right out of your kitchen and bathroom.

Aspirin is basically salicylic acid, which aids in exfoliating the skin for easy callous removal. Lemon juice is acidic and when combined and mixed with aspirin, it softens the skin so that you can file it off. Because salicylic acid is much gentler than gycolic acid, you can leave the mixture on longer than a few minutes.  You can actual leave it on for 2 or more hours. Here is what you need to do.

Take 3-7 aspirin and crush them up in a bowl or container. Add water and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to the aspirin. Mix until it becomes a paste like consistency.  Apply it to the bottom of your feet on the callous area and wrap in plastic or use a plastic bag to cover. Let stand for as long as you have time for, then rinse and wipe clean.  File away the soften callous and apply a moisturizer.  Your feet should feel softer and your callous should be minimized. Try this twice a week until your next pedicuree and you will start seeing a big difference. It’s inexpensive, practicle and easy with great results.

So the next time you’re in your kitchen, you can look at your lemons with great aspirin-ration 😄. Try this at home and share your thoughts.

A Glamour Mag and Zoya presentation!

This was a day that every office should experience. Glamour hosted a manicure day in honor of their new web launch. Zoya, who is the new color of fashion, was the polish of choice and Spa-ahh-Fair was on board to give the ladies their pretty in pink manicures. It’s always nice to have a grooming day with such great ladies. Their manicures had to have some kind of popping pink and the ladies were very open to trying different things. Stay tune to Glamour’s new web launch on or around Nov 28th to see pictures of all the excitement. But, until then here are a few that was I able to catch 🙂




What shape are your nails in?

(picture from Sultanabeauty via IG)


Here you have five different shapes you can file, buff or sculpt your nails into.  My favorite is Squoval because you get the best of both worlds. It is a combination of square and round (oval). The edges are rounded while the top is squared off. Almond nails are also very nice and great looking for bigger hands but smaller nail plates. Square nails can look a bit harsh so your nails should be a little smaller. The wider your nail plate, you should not opt for a square shape nail. Try a round nail for a slender look. The most popular at the moment is the stiletto nail. I must say, I am definitely not a fan of this shape. Everyone can not wear this shape and some really shouldn’t. It’s very pointy and can be very dangerous to you and someone else. Great for entertainers because they don’t do much. 🙂   Last is the round shape which is always a classic and looks good on just about anyone. Very day to day and functional.

Whatever shape you choose, is fine. However, be aware of the way your nails actually grow. That should dictate what shape your nails should be file into. But, if you choose a different shape outside of your natural shape be prepared for cracking and breaking. Once the nail is compromised out of its natural shaping it can cause them to break. Keep them shaped and a nail hardener on them and it will help in stopping them from breaking or chipping.