Nail survivor during Quatantine.

Nails salons and manicurist are at a stand still and have no clue as to when business will resume. I’m sure a lot of you are having nail break downs. Pipbuzzz to go to the rescue.

Custom made press on nails are here. Head over to and shop a nail look or customize your very own. It will keep your nails in tact and put a smile on your face during this trying time. Remember to wash your hand and wash your nails.

Mustard press on’s were her choice. Remove by soaking off in remover. Do not pull them off as it could cause damage to your natural nails. Pipbuzzz to go !

DIY Your Foot Callous Away

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. I’m talking about removing callous from your heals. In a regular pedicure, your technician uses a scrub and foot file and maybe a callous remover than contains gycolic acid.

You can assist in your own callous removal between your pedicures with a diy of products right out of your kitchen and bathroom.

Aspirin is basically salicylic acid, which aids in exfoliating the skin for easy callous removal. Lemon juice is acidic and when combined and mixed with aspirin, it softens the skin so that you can file it off. Because salicylic acid is much gentler than gycolic acid, you can leave the mixture on longer than a few minutes.  You can actual leave it on for 2 or more hours. Here is what you need to do.

Take 3-7 aspirin and crush them up in a bowl or container. Add water and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to the aspirin. Mix until it becomes a paste like consistency.  Apply it to the bottom of your feet on the callous area and wrap in plastic or use a plastic bag to cover. Let stand for as long as you have time for, then rinse and wipe clean.  File away the soften callous and apply a moisturizer.  Your feet should feel softer and your callous should be minimized. Try this twice a week until your next pedicuree and you will start seeing a big difference. It’s inexpensive, practicle and easy with great results.

So the next time you’re in your kitchen, you can look at your lemons with great aspirin-ration 😄. Try this at home and share your thoughts.

Deborah Lippmann… If you haven’t tried these, I suggest you should


Cuticle care is always a trending topic and some manicurist will give you different opinions about to cut or not to cut.  My expert advice will always be not to cut.  In efforts to assist you in the non cutting process, Deborah Lippmann has a cuticle remover that works extremly well. The first bottle to the left, applies like polish but only around your cuticle area. When you start to push back the cuticles with a cotton covered orangewood stick, you will see the dead tissue being remove very easily. It gives a very clean finish as though your cuticles have been cut.  Apply her cuticle drops (in the middle bottle) rub in, massage the hands and apply All about that base, color and top coat.  The images below is just base coat without any color. Cuticles are in tack and look clean. Shop Deborah Lippmann for these essentials and get your cuticles in order 


It’s a New Nail Year

It’s never too late to start a new, but, the new year always gets people going and motivated. Almost everyone makes a resolution. Some stick to it and some,  well fall of the wagon.

Your nails may fit one of your resolutions. If so, what are you waiting for? Get going. Great looking nails are always a good idea. With so many options of polishes, gel polishes and nail art you can’t go wrong.

Weekly manicures should be on your list of things to do. With the new changes to the nail industry, you can now enjoy a REAL manicure of luxury and pampering. Long gone are the days of the fast and furious manicures, or at least that is what I would like to think.

Go on a nail hunt. Choose a nail professional and a back up. Stay loyal and make that commitment to yourself and your nails. Once you both get in the groove of your nail health, you will not look back. Keep up the good work and enjoy a year of healthy and gorgeous nails.

The best nudes for transitioning into fall

Now that the fall is upon, we sometimes don’t know what nail color to choose. You don’t want to go completely dark and you don’t want to keep the brights going. So what do you do? A great option…you can always go nude. There are many nude colors that rock that you will not disappointed in finding one just right for you. Let’s get started.


Deborah Lippmann makes some of the best nudes on the market. From pink, tan, brown to grey nudes, she has something for all.


First in line is Naked, I use this one often on set for photo shoots because it tends to adapt to any nail plate color and skin tone. It looks great on everyone which makes it a multi functional nude,

she_wolf_1 desert_moon_1

She Wolf                                                                      Dessert moon

Both give a little more color but stay neutral and won’t compete with your fall wardrobe while still looking pretty,

Nails Inc, Kale and Gel Effects

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Zoya, Chanelle and Spencer the perfect shade of brown and beige.

Chanelle_456 1063376.ZP742_SPENCER_BOTTLE__320.1__

In luxury nail polish Tom Fords Toasted Sugar and CHANEL’s  Secret are great choices

toasted sugar


This should help you narrow done who to look for in a nude polish. From $9-$35 there is one to fit your wallet and skin tone. It’s all about nude this fall, well, it’s all about a nude every fall for me 🙂

The Naked Manicure

NYFW is fastly approaching. One of my exhausting but favorite time of the year. Fashion shows, events, dinners, dressing up and watching all of the fashionistas hit the scene is still exciting.

This year Zoya has incorporated their new Naked Manicure system to the nail applications for the models. It will allow my team to really blend and custom each models nails to the condition and coloring of their nail bed. When the professional kit arrived, it tooks seconds for me top open it and start the process.

As you see there are 5 color correctors, base coat, satin finsh, glossy top coat and a free edge color that will give you a natural looking french manicure. There are a few extra steps when applying this system, but the overall effect once it is done is smooth and beautiful.

The color shown is Aggie from Zoya’s fall collection. I just love a great nail polish, it makes my job so much easier 😉. Thank you Zoya.

The Naked Manicure from Zoya

Having nail woes? The Naked Manicure will transform the cosmetic appearance of your nails and provide long term benefits over time.

It has a few different options that you can choose from, the professional kit, the womens kit and the male kit. The colors work like color correctors work for make up. Each color provides you with the care your nails need. It’s a custom way of correcting your nails image. Bravo!   They also come a la cart, so you can purchase single colors for whatever nail problem you are having.

I will be trying it out for sure. You all know that Zoya is one of  my very favorite brands so I know I will not be disappointed.
Perfection is Possible with  The Naked Manicure

The IBX Effect…Gel nails rescue

I’m sure all of you gel wearers have a love/hate relationship with gel polish. It can last over 2 weeks, it shines relentlessly and there is no chipping. All the reasons why we love gel polish, right? However there is a down side. We all hate the damage it can cause to some of our nails. Well, Famous Names has created a product that strengthens and repairs your nails within. It is the “IBX System” creating nail strength from within.


I know your asking youself, how does this work? There are 2 steps that are applied before your manicure and or gel application. One is the repair system for damaged nails and the other is the strengthner, which by the way can be used with natural nails and regular polish. Keep in mind this is a natural nail system. The image below shows the nail with damage before the IBX SYSTEM and the nail after three removals with the IBX SYSTEM.

(Photo cred: Famous Names)

Now you can wear your gel manicure or regular manicure and still have beautiful nails. If your nails are chipping, thin or cracked this SYSTEM is for you too. Just apply it before your regular manicure.
Ask you local manicurist if she has the system and start your way to healthy, stronger nails, or if your in the New York City area, you can always come and see me 🙂

What shape are your nails in?

(picture from Sultanabeauty via IG)


Here you have five different shapes you can file, buff or sculpt your nails into.  My favorite is Squoval because you get the best of both worlds. It is a combination of square and round (oval). The edges are rounded while the top is squared off. Almond nails are also very nice and great looking for bigger hands but smaller nail plates. Square nails can look a bit harsh so your nails should be a little smaller. The wider your nail plate, you should not opt for a square shape nail. Try a round nail for a slender look. The most popular at the moment is the stiletto nail. I must say, I am definitely not a fan of this shape. Everyone can not wear this shape and some really shouldn’t. It’s very pointy and can be very dangerous to you and someone else. Great for entertainers because they don’t do much. 🙂   Last is the round shape which is always a classic and looks good on just about anyone. Very day to day and functional.

Whatever shape you choose, is fine. However, be aware of the way your nails actually grow. That should dictate what shape your nails should be file into. But, if you choose a different shape outside of your natural shape be prepared for cracking and breaking. Once the nail is compromised out of its natural shaping it can cause them to break. Keep them shaped and a nail hardener on them and it will help in stopping them from breaking or chipping.