Nail survivor during Quatantine.

Nails salons and manicurist are at a stand still and have no clue as to when business will resume. I’m sure a lot of you are having nail break downs. Pipbuzzz to go to the rescue.

Custom made press on nails are here. Head over to and shop a nail look or customize your very own. It will keep your nails in tact and put a smile on your face during this trying time. Remember to wash your hand and wash your nails.

Mustard press on’s were her choice. Remove by soaking off in remover. Do not pull them off as it could cause damage to your natural nails. Pipbuzzz to go !

Author: Pipbuzzz Nails

Professional, Celebrity Nail stylist with over 25 years in the nail/beauty/fashion business. Vibrant, Creative, Knowledgable and very good at what I do. Worked on some of the most prestigious celebrities, models and artist with works to be seen in many publications, t.v., and ads. I am an editorial nail tech/stylist. Love polish, products and!!!! I own a mobile grooming business called "Pipbuzzz to Go. You can have all of your grooming needs done in the comfort of your own home, office, or venue. I also take private personal appointments. My motto-Perfection is Possible because if you believe it then you can certainly achieve it ...Perfection is what you believe it to be. Stay Tuned! Faith,Love,Joy, Hope and Happiness...Always!

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