Lauren B Organic Nail Polish

Let’s talk about this Lauren B botanical/organic nail polish. I received nude polishes, cuticle care products and lotions to try. Not to mention the nicely scented polish remover pads that smell like fresh strawberries.

The first thing I picked up was the cuticle care roll up stick. It is my new favorite thing. Fits perfectly in my handbag and easy to use with no messy residue. Roll up the brush and just brush on your cuticle. Why didn’t I think of that.

The cuticle serum was also a great surprise that I loved. No results yet on it’s results but it’s great so fat. Will keep you posted.

  • Nail polishes and hand cream will be a great addition to my kit as they are both great to work with. Remover pads smell great and great for home use, but the removal process for me is a bit longer than I need it to be. I love the packaging by the way. Can’t wait to try some color polishes.

Gelish Poly Gel Game Changer

I have been on You tube looking at countless videos about this product. I was intrigued by it and wanted to try it for myself and then I got an email inviting me to a preview of the new product by Gelish "Polygel". I couldn't wait. Danny, the founder of Gelish was in the room helping along with the demonstration. It is a gel system with more of a rubbery texture that doesn't run or drip off the nail. You can remove it and replace it if the application is going wrong. This product is amazing. No more fumes or dust you get from acrylic but the durability you get from acrylic. Cures like hard gel without product movement, and smooths out for easy filing. A game changer for sure. Keep visiting for the application process.

Get Your Nails D.I.D.

When I sat with the owner and creator of D.I.D. Nail paint, I was instantly impressed with her display of nail paint that came in a covered glass case. With 12 vibrant colors, including some nudes, topcoat,  basecoat and polish remover it was everything of a pleasurable experience. I tried all the colors while sitting with her and chatting about shades, coloring and how she got started. The bottles are lightweight easy to hold and will fit nicely in my kit. With names like Prosecco, a shimmery gold and Surfboard, a light blue the colors certainly delivered. Looking forward to seeing whats to come from “get your nails D.I.D.

Gelish dip and go

Remember the time when you would put glue on your nail and dip it in powder to keep them from breaking? It was the easiet thing to do at the least costly expense. They always say what’s old is new again and that has certainly held true in 2017

Gelish has come up with their own powder dip system 

It comes in different colored powders and the activators needed to seal the deal. This is another alternative to acyrlic and gels. It’s worth a shot to see if your nails agree. 

Im actual looking forward to what’s old is new again. The release date is coming soon so check your local salon or manicurist and get dipped! 

Smith & Cult my new obsession 

I was able to finally try the talk around town of nail polishes and was instantly pleased. 7 colors were sent to me and they all go down as one of the best to work with. Smooth application and great coverage.  The silver top bottle puts them in class of their own with their signature hammered dent on each top. The top pops off for easier handling and they have great names. 

Meet Smith & Cult

Feathers and Flesh

Lovers Creep

Feed The Rich

Stockholm Syndrome

Kings & Thieves

Regret The Moon

Dirty Baby

Basis of everything (base coat)

Above it all (top coat)

And to top it all off they are 5 free

You’ll get to see more of what I do with my new obsession Smith &Cult

Winter hands transition

I know, your hands are not doing in this off again on again cold to hot weather. Trust me my hands are feeling it too. But I have a remedy that could be quite useful. Ever try a paraffin treatment?  If you haven’t, your next manicur appt should include one 

Dip your hands in warm wax until they are nicely coated, wrap and sit for 5-10 minutes. Remove from the wrap bag and notice the difference. Your hands will love it. Having your own personal paraffin is also plus, you can use it how often you like.  Most of my private clients have their own machines and they take full advantage of it. 

You can also use it for your feet or elbows. 

Give it a shot and let me know what you think. 

Perfection is possible 

 Fall into Grey

 Now that fall is offically here, you might ask yourself now what? What nail color do I transition to? You don’t want it too bright or too dark and it leaves you in the grey 😉. That’s exactly where you should be, in between. This is one time it is perfectly fine to straddle the fence between black and white. 

So let’s check out some grey’s that you can fall into. 

CND Vinylux “Cityscape” comes in a polish and gel
Sephora “Formula X” gives you a little glitz with the glam
CHANEL “Monochrome”
Zoya “August”
Butter London “Billy No Mates”

Morgan Taylor “Sweater Weather”

Chromed Out, the newest nail craze


There use to be time when Minx had the market for chromed nails. You would pre heat a nail wrap under a light and apply it by molding and stretching them to your nail plate. The look was  a chromed out manicure that could last up to 10 days.

Fast foward to today and the look has re appeared on nails around the country. Now you can achieve your chromed manicure simply with a colored chromed powder of choice with a gel base application. You apply a black gel color an cure leaving the tacky part on the nail. Take a small amount of powder with a silicon pusher and rub and buff the nail until you see the chrome shine. Apply a gel top coat, cure and your chrome manicure is set to be seen. You can have silver or gold if you have a unicorn spirit you can try mulitple colors for a more vibrant look. Your nails will be the talk of the town.


Add some nail art and you have the best of both worlds. Be prepare to start seeing chrome nails if you haven’t already before it fades away again.



Drugstore Nail Finds…Frida Kahlo

You ever go into your favoite drug store and walk down the nail polish isle? I love to do it! I love seeing what products are new for the consumer to use. Between nail polish, essentials and nail art diy kits, you can find just about everything you need to give yourself a great DIY manicure.

Recently, while shopping in one of my go to drugstores, I came across nail polish that I instantly was drawn to. Frida Kahlo, known for her self portraits was now on the bottles of nail polish. I had to have them all, not because I need another bottle of polish, but because I love art and Frida Kahlo’s art at that. The colors were bright and vibrant which were reminiscent of that of Kahlo’s art. Not only did they have nail polish in her name sake, there was also make up, nail files and nail clippers.




Not quite sure how long this has been available or if its a special colletion, but I made sure I didnt miss out. I won’t use them, just keep them for collector purposes.


Perfection is Possible


Essence the gel nail polish 

With Led gel polish being all the rave because of there shine and long wear, there are more and more polish brands popping up with their version of no light gel polish. I was sent this new brand “Essence” to take for a test drive. I tried “lets get lost” ( the blue) and “sweet as candy” (the pink)

The application was smooth and with the base coat covering so well, it allowed for even better coverage.

After appyling the gel top coat, it brought the shine to another level. It gives a great gel effect without the curring under a light with an exceptional shine. Looking for less shine? They have a satin matt top coat that dulls the high shine to a matt finish.

Essence gel nail polish can be found at Ulta retail stores. I look forward to adding them to my collection.

Pucker Up! Zoya has lipstick 

When I received my Zoya summer colors in the mail who knew it would include lipstick. 12 beautiful summer colors and two sample lipstick colors. I was overjoyed and ready to try them. I have tried their lipgloss in the past and they are great so I can only imagine how wonderful these lipsticks will be. With names like Candy and Frankie I’m sure they will not dissappoint. They were creamy full-color and went on with ease.  Zoya has now tapped into the beauty market a bit further and I can’t be more excited. When a polish brand that can make a great nail polish amd understands what full coverage does for the application onto nails, making a great lipstick isn’t hard to do. 

They have an array of lipstick colors so hop on over to their site Zoya and take a dip into their lipsticks. 

DIY Your Foot Callous Away

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. I’m talking about removing callous from your heals. In a regular pedicure, your technician uses a scrub and foot file and maybe a callous remover than contains gycolic acid.

You can assist in your own callous removal between your pedicures with a diy of products right out of your kitchen and bathroom.

Aspirin is basically salicylic acid, which aids in exfoliating the skin for easy callous removal. Lemon juice is acidic and when combined and mixed with aspirin, it softens the skin so that you can file it off. Because salicylic acid is much gentler than gycolic acid, you can leave the mixture on longer than a few minutes.  You can actual leave it on for 2 or more hours. Here is what you need to do.

Take 3-7 aspirin and crush them up in a bowl or container. Add water and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to the aspirin. Mix until it becomes a paste like consistency.  Apply it to the bottom of your feet on the callous area and wrap in plastic or use a plastic bag to cover. Let stand for as long as you have time for, then rinse and wipe clean.  File away the soften callous and apply a moisturizer.  Your feet should feel softer and your callous should be minimized. Try this twice a week until your next pedicuree and you will start seeing a big difference. It’s inexpensive, practicle and easy with great results.

So the next time you’re in your kitchen, you can look at your lemons with great aspirin-ration 😄. Try this at home and share your thoughts.

Ginger + Liz nail polish obsession 

When you’re in the nail polish beauty industry you tend to try a lot of different brands. You have your favorites and your go to brands that you use more than others. I now have a new favorite and go to nail polish. 

 I knew of Ginger + Liz for some time but never had the opportunity to try them out. They sent me the most pretty and pigmented colors I’ve seen in a while. I initially tried the blue named “Chase Me”… I was sold from the first stroke. It had great coverage, nice consistency and great color. My kind of blue and we know how much I love blue   Besides the great application it lasted 12 days!  

I absolutely love this color and didnt want to take it off, but they had other colors I was anxious to try so I had to remove it. It did leave some blue staining, so make sure you use a ridge filling base coat. “Don’t kill my vibe” (the pink) and “Control Freak” were next on my list. I used them both because I couldn’t decide, so I did some nail art with both colors. I love these two colors just the same. Spring time is here and summer is coming, but who cares I wanted to try these bright colors now. 

I think it is safe to say,  I found another new favorite nail polish brand. Thank you Ginger + Liz for the collection. 

If you haven’t tried them,please do. 


Perfection is possible XO XO 

Spring, the time of nail trends 

There is no no doubt that nail polish is a trend within itself. With so many brands popping up and older brands that keep evolving, the nail polish world is always on trend. From nail art, to glitter, to extensions, to multiple color changes, the nail world is here to stay. 

During NYFW Spring shows, some designers played close attention to the nails and came up with some great looks that will trend this spring. With the help of Popsugar, I pulled some of the best nail looks to pay attention 


There were lots of geometric shapes and lines, grids and 2 tone nail looks. The naked nail with pops of color and solid bright colors also played a part in what you may want to look for this spring. 

Morgan Taylor and Gelish Take it to the Streets

I love it when the seasons change because the new nail polish colors are something to look forward to. My weekend nail mail was a pleasant surprise from Redpr, Morgan Taylor and Gelish. 

Vibrant colors that link to each other depending on if you prefer gel or nail polish. Gelish takes it to the streets with their Street Beat collection and Morgan Taylor brings dream of yachting with their A Very Nauti-cal Girl collection.

New to the collection which I am happy for are their new manicure esssentials. Complete with Pure Cleanse, a cleansing spray, Accelerate, quick dry drops, Strip Ease, polish remover and Remedy, cuticle oil infused with antioxidant grapeseed and vitamin E 

 Some added colors to my gelish collection. Did you know Gelish has over 130 colors in their core collection? I’m almost there in having all 130. 🙂💅🏽  
The process…when a new collection comes in, I have to catalogue and swatch each color. Gelish has a colorful pallet this season that I can’t wait to dive into. Check with your local manicurist and get gelled by Gelish new spring collection

The only thing your local manicurist may be missing is the Street Beat mini wireless speaker from Morgan Taylor and Gelish. It boast great sound and function. Its small enough to fit in your pocket and in a great pink color. Im in love with my new sounds and the Street Beat and Nauti-cal Girl collection. Get in touch with me and let’s arrange a nail day. 
Perfection is possible xoxo

Product alert. CND Spa Botanical Spa Collection

CND the brand that brings you Shellac and Vinylux has up the anti with their new botanical spa collection. It gives you so many options to customize your manicure and spa services, that your clients will surely be happy to try them out. 

Let’s start with the different scents. There is Gardenia Woods, Bright Citron and Cucumber. Each scent comes in a soak, scrub, lotion and masque with the exception to the cucumber. The scrub is easy to apply and sticks to your skin without falling off into your pedicure soaking tub. The lotion and masque are a must have that leaves the skin soft and moisturized. 

Inspired by nature but rooted in science, this collection will prove to be the next big thing. With a release date of March 1, 2016, I can assure you it’s one to look for. The images below will familiarize you on what to look for. CND has changed their packaging to flowers and fruit which gives it a refreshing new look. Let me know your thoughts once you try it. 

Perfection is Possible xoxo


NYFW16 and it’s Freezing 

It never fails, when February arrives we have two things to look forward to. One is New York Fashion week and two, it’s going to be cold. February came in with the brrrrr. 0 degrees but the shows must go on. 

For another season, myself and team The MadiSun Effect had the pleasure of working with Christian Louboutin for Novis and Cushnie et Ochs. 

With a 7am call time, we headed over to Chelsea Piers for the Novis presentation. The nail look at Novis was created by Alicia T. Three colors and negative space complimented the collection very well. Louboutin provided the colors and the MadiSun Effect assisted in making it all happen.    

The shoes were a combination of tassels and straps. Christian Loubouton custom made the shoes, so don’t expect to purchase these retail. Not these colors at least. 


Now it’s time to head over to Cushnie et Ochs for another gorgeous nail look.  

This may look easy to do, but it was the hardest out of the two designs. Models are rarely long and require more time effort to perfect the loo. The nails had french tips with 2 different but similar in tone colors from Christian Louboutin, Page and Khol


  The seduction of the collection also came across with the nails. 

I love Cushnie. Always sexy, seductive and all women. Never a hit or miss, they are always a hit. 


#nyfw perfectionispossible. Photos provided by @louboutinworld for Christian Louboutin 

Stay tune for tutorials on these nail looks. 


The Holy Grail of basecoats, CHANEL

Want a base coat that looks great on your nails alone, then this CHANEL Beaute Des Ongles is what you need. It applies more like polish than a base coat. For a base coat that isn’t clear, it applies like nail polish. The shine is like having the perfectly buff nail for weeks. It’s smooth texture says, you don’t need polish and makes you want to leave the polish off, which is what I did. I loved it so much, I kept it on for 2 weeks. Not like me at all because I love color on my nails. I think you both will love the results.


Perfection is Possible xoxo



Pipbuzzz has a new organic hand soap by Saint Paris Products

If you’re anything like me and wash your hands multiple times a day, then this is your friend. Saint Paris Products are made with love and care for the skin, body and soul and dirty hands 😉. Most hand soaps strip your hands and make them dry as the dessert.  This lavneder vanilla hand soap not only smells great but cleanse your hands so well without stripping them down. The first time I used it, I couldnt belive the dirt I saw in the cleansing water.  You would have thought I never washed my hands.  My hands were clean and felt great. Add the lavneder and vanilla lotion and feel the moisture.  Because these products are so orgnic their shelf life is approx 9 months so be sure to use them before they expire.  Mine didn’t last that long due to my usage.  Visit Saint Paris Products and take a look at the other featured products. 
Xoxo pipbuzzz

Deborah Lippmann… If you haven’t tried these, I suggest you should


Cuticle care is always a trending topic and some manicurist will give you different opinions about to cut or not to cut.  My expert advice will always be not to cut.  In efforts to assist you in the non cutting process, Deborah Lippmann has a cuticle remover that works extremly well. The first bottle to the left, applies like polish but only around your cuticle area. When you start to push back the cuticles with a cotton covered orangewood stick, you will see the dead tissue being remove very easily. It gives a very clean finish as though your cuticles have been cut.  Apply her cuticle drops (in the middle bottle) rub in, massage the hands and apply All about that base, color and top coat.  The images below is just base coat without any color. Cuticles are in tack and look clean. Shop Deborah Lippmann for these essentials and get your cuticles in order 


It’s a New Nail Year

It’s never too late to start a new, but, the new year always gets people going and motivated. Almost everyone makes a resolution. Some stick to it and some,  well fall of the wagon.

Your nails may fit one of your resolutions. If so, what are you waiting for? Get going. Great looking nails are always a good idea. With so many options of polishes, gel polishes and nail art you can’t go wrong.

Weekly manicures should be on your list of things to do. With the new changes to the nail industry, you can now enjoy a REAL manicure of luxury and pampering. Long gone are the days of the fast and furious manicures, or at least that is what I would like to think.

Go on a nail hunt. Choose a nail professional and a back up. Stay loyal and make that commitment to yourself and your nails. Once you both get in the groove of your nail health, you will not look back. Keep up the good work and enjoy a year of healthy and gorgeous nails.

Zoya has a promo 4u! 

Happy New Year it is. Starting the new year off with great polishes and color choices is made easy from Zoya. This is the perfect time to take advantage of free polishes from the 5 free brand. Zoya has a promo to get 4 free polishes by paying for promo shipping. How awesome is that. So take it from me and go shop Zoya now, you are going to love the colors.  Pick up a few of my favorites while you’re there…base coat, top coat, solid gold cuticle oil and Qtica lotion. 

Bordeaux nail polish, a must have and Zoya has it

Looking for a good wine colored nail polish to compliment the wine colored everything this season? Look no further. Claire by Zoya seems to fit the requirements. She ‘s the right amount brown, red, orange and wine mix that gives you this gorgeous look.

This shade is not only the hottest color in fashion, it’s one of the go to  color for manicures.  We saw it all over the major fashion runways during fashion week and they didnt get it wrong.  We now see it on red carpets, editorials, ad campaigns and on nails everywhere.

Holiday season requires a holiday party

It’s that time of the year for cheer, kindness, and prosperity. Holiday parties will be in full bloom. Here is a great way for your office to have a party.

The MadiSun Effect which is an on site grooming service company, can set up in the office for manicures and massages and give the staff a wonderfully polished and  primped experience for jobs well done during the hear.  What better way to say thank you.

Contact them now and visit their website for more details.

Tis the season to be jolly

Fall Inspiration from Deborah Lippmann

I walked in my agencies office to pick up some packages and this was one package that was well worth the trip.  Deborah Lippmann is one of my favorite go to nude polish brands that always deliver. The new colors give me the same feeling. With names like Rolling in the deep (blue), Miss Independent (berry color) and She Wolf, they leave nothing short of fall inspirations. The tones coincide with what the fall fashion colors look like. So if you’re looking for new colors to add to your collection, Deborah Lippman got you.
Perfection is Possible- pipbuzzz

The best nudes for transitioning into fall

Now that the fall is upon, we sometimes don’t know what nail color to choose. You don’t want to go completely dark and you don’t want to keep the brights going. So what do you do? A great option…you can always go nude. There are many nude colors that rock that you will not disappointed in finding one just right for you. Let’s get started.


Deborah Lippmann makes some of the best nudes on the market. From pink, tan, brown to grey nudes, she has something for all.


First in line is Naked, I use this one often on set for photo shoots because it tends to adapt to any nail plate color and skin tone. It looks great on everyone which makes it a multi functional nude,

she_wolf_1 desert_moon_1

She Wolf                                                                      Dessert moon

Both give a little more color but stay neutral and won’t compete with your fall wardrobe while still looking pretty,

Nails Inc, Kale and Gel Effects

6ad1e06e2effeacd2e0c490795d38651 d96ef3f23125e2f4d08f02c617ba420b

Zoya, Chanelle and Spencer the perfect shade of brown and beige.

Chanelle_456 1063376.ZP742_SPENCER_BOTTLE__320.1__

In luxury nail polish Tom Fords Toasted Sugar and CHANEL’s  Secret are great choices

toasted sugar


This should help you narrow done who to look for in a nude polish. From $9-$35 there is one to fit your wallet and skin tone. It’s all about nude this fall, well, it’s all about a nude every fall for me 🙂

Editorial work for Grazia 

It’s nice to see your editorial work. I don’t always see mine but when I do I always try to share.

Coney Island NY  was my office for this day. It was a quiet morning before the park opened and it was our own personal playground. The images came out great. Take a peek into the set life of pipbuzzz. 
Nails by @pipbuzzz

Perfection is Possible

The Naked Manicure

NYFW is fastly approaching. One of my exhausting but favorite time of the year. Fashion shows, events, dinners, dressing up and watching all of the fashionistas hit the scene is still exciting.

This year Zoya has incorporated their new Naked Manicure system to the nail applications for the models. It will allow my team to really blend and custom each models nails to the condition and coloring of their nail bed. When the professional kit arrived, it tooks seconds for me top open it and start the process.

As you see there are 5 color correctors, base coat, satin finsh, glossy top coat and a free edge color that will give you a natural looking french manicure. There are a few extra steps when applying this system, but the overall effect once it is done is smooth and beautiful.

The color shown is Aggie from Zoya’s fall collection. I just love a great nail polish, it makes my job so much easier 😉. Thank you Zoya.

Word to the Women Solange x Puma

I love when I get an apportunity to work on great projects. When I was asked to be a part of this project, I was honored and thirlled. The new line,  Word to the Women from S O L A N G E x Puma was creatively done by Ms.Solange herself. What a beautiful way to celebrate women. The sneakers are in pastel and some vibrant colors in suede and mesh. When shooting the looks, the nail colors were incorporated based on the color of the sneakers and the styling. It was a fun day playing in polish and laughing and talking to such great inspiring women.  I had some help from nail polish brands, Zoya, CHANEL, Lakur/Londontown, Dior and Dolce and Gabbana.

The sneakera are not only bad to the bone, they are also pretty comfortable. If you don’t have a pair, what are you waiting for. To see the entire collection check them out here

Perfection is Possible

Minx is back better than ever

Do you remember Minx? It was all the rage some years ago and now they are making a come back.  They now have a new and sleeker way to pre heat the nail wraps.  No more overhead light that was difficult to carry around or blow dryers on set getting the nail wraps warm.  There is now a smaller heating system that looks likes a small box that heats the nail wrap.

A pretty pink box with its own stand that sits right on top of your work station making space and portabilty much easier to deal with.  You heat your nail wraps and apply , the same way you would previously when using Minx.

These minx nails were done some time ago and lasted on her pretty little nails for over a week.  I can’t wait to start using Minx wraps again.  They have a great collection and have added a few things.

They now offer a Minx Coat which is a peel off protective coat created to protect your natural nails. It works with gel manicures and nail polish. You apply the protective coat with the heat and apply it to your nails. You proceed with your gel or nail polsih and watch it work, protecting your nails. Worth a try…I know I will be testing them out.


Massages and Manicures in the office?

There are a few companies that offer this type of service. Most are owned and operated by non industry people, meaning they have never given a manicure or massage service. The MadiSun Effect who are the new kids on the block, are owned, operated and sometimes serviced by 2 seasoned manicurist. The founding factors of this company was not only to provide exceptional sevice to the working community but also with the technician in mind.  “When you work in this business over 20 years, you see a lot of what can be improved on” says one of the founders of The MadiSun Effect.  They plan on taking the working force by storm and you might have one of them pop up and do manicures in your office.

Massages are an extra bonus of sevices they offer. I mean who doesn’t want a quick 20 minute chair massage to release some tension.  You can set up a massage therapist in your office along with a nail tech, weekly, bi weekly, monthly or for special events.  Visit for more deets. You don’t know what you are missing.

Nails Inc. Gel Effects in Baker Street Blue

I thought I misplaced this bottle and I was going bonkers trying to find it, until I realized it was sitting right in front of my eyes. You don’t understand how much I love this color. I love blue nail polish and this gel effects makes me love it more.  The shine is incredible and the wear is long lasting.  Baker street blue became the go to blue a few years ago when Beyonce wore it and we all ran out to get it, including me 😉. It’s a go to blue and pretty much looks good on all skin tones.  

Perfection is possible. Try it out

The Naked Manicure from Zoya

Having nail woes? The Naked Manicure will transform the cosmetic appearance of your nails and provide long term benefits over time.

It has a few different options that you can choose from, the professional kit, the womens kit and the male kit. The colors work like color correctors work for make up. Each color provides you with the care your nails need. It’s a custom way of correcting your nails image. Bravo!   They also come a la cart, so you can purchase single colors for whatever nail problem you are having.

I will be trying it out for sure. You all know that Zoya is one of  my very favorite brands so I know I will not be disappointed.
Perfection is Possible with  The Naked Manicure

The new CND LED Light

This is what the nail community has been waiting for.  CND has finally did it and produced their very own LED light for their Shellac and Brisa products.  The light is exceptional. It has individual grooves for each finger and a sleek light weight design. The timer is set with 4 different timing intervals, two which are for curing Shellac and the other two will cure the Brisa gel.
  It is easy to clean and durable. CND was able to perfect a great light because they waited which allowed them to do a lot of research and development in getting it right.  


The light will blink in the first and last timing settings but don’t worry, no more first reaction burning sensation to the nails. 


The curing process is shorter and which cuts down on time it takes to give a Shellac manicure. With 80 colors in the collection, you will love this LED light, I know I do.

A Skin Care Dream, Choiselle 

If you don’t know I love products.  I get a ton of products to try and use, and often times I end up adding to my nail kits. If I like it, it will make the cut.

I had the pleasure of meeting a young lady who has a skincare product line.  It is great for extremely dry skin. She shared with me her product line and gave me the history on her brand. She is from St Lucia and name her product “Choiselle’ after a town in St Lucia Her line of products consist of body butters, body oils and lotions. I was able to try out the oils and lotions and loved them.  Great consistency, nice scents and beautiful packaging.


My favorite is the lavender body oil.  I use oils with some of my services, and this can be a really good addition.  Check out Choiselle and  try it out for yourself. The price point may be a little aggresive but this is a luxury brand made In small batches and bottled to order. How’s that for freshness.  Choiselle is Perfection is possible.

Zoya Paradise in the Sun Collection

The Paradise Collection is going to make this a great summer for manicures and pedicures.  I started with Oceania which is a blueish shimmer green.  It reminds me of the deep blue sea. The enitre collections gives a new vibrance to summer tones instead of brigth neon. They are the jewels of the summer. If you haven’t tried them, go to  Zoya  and get your summer fix. The collection consist of 6 colors, there is beautiful white inluded, a summer staple.

Ciate GelTox top coat for all Nail polishes 


What a great tag line, Gel on your terms. It definitely caught my eye. As I was browsing the aisles of one of my favorite places, Sephore, I took a back step to Ciate. They now have a gel top coat, Geltox that can cure any nail polish to last as long as gel polish 😏😳😮. These emojis were all of my reactions when I read this. Of course I will have to try it, just to see if it stands the test. The top coats retail is $39, so I hope for that price it really works. I will be back in a few weeks to give you the results. Ciate may be on to something.
Perfection is Possible

Ok Magazine and Pipbuzzz!


One of the pleasures of being a celeb manicurist, is that you get to do some really fun things like DIY’s and videos and interviews.  I was asked by OK magazine to do an interview with Pandora on How to become a Celebrity manicurist. I was happy and excited to do it. They scheduled a time and place and the interview happened. Please take and peek and share with your social media and friends. Click the link and hear my thoughts on how to become a celebrity manicurist.

Thank you Pandora and OK magazine.

Perfection is Possible

How to sparkle and shine 

DIY projects are always helpful. I did an editorial “how to” with Womens’s  World magazine.

Go green and learn how to do a four leaf clover out of rhinestones and a rainbow french manicure with swarkoski crystals.  This was a fun project to work on with easy ways to do it yourself.  Pick up this months Women’s World to see what I did. ☺️


Quick Dry Nail Sprays. Yes or No

You love getting your nails done. You love changing your color but , what you don’t love is the drying time. In the age where time is so important,  we try to maximize all of the time we have and not waste it. Waiting for your polish to dry, well, for some is a waste of time. That’s where a drying spray solves the problem. Now grant it, there are several quick dry products, drying drops and quick dry top coats which are frequently used. I recently received another option, quick dry spray!  Years ago, manicurist used to use a drying spray from a aresol can, the updated version is now a pump spray bottle.

CND Solar Speed Spray has taken something old and made it new again. I tried this spray for thr first time and it worked.  It is a light mist with a beautiful fragrance that cuts down your drying time and nourishes your cuticle at the same time.  You hold the bottle away from the nails, and spray.  Not only does it smell good, it makes your hand and nails look good too.

Sephora also has a qucik dry spray, that is equally as good . This spray is easier to find isince there is a Sephora in most cities. Hold the bottle away from the nail and spray, Cuts drying  time and conditions your cuticle.


Both sprays seem to work nicely. They are easy to use and less messy. Your clients can walk away with less oily nails.

I would check with your client for allergies first, because the CND fragrance is almond base.  When in doubt, drying drops are still a great option.  It’s always good to have options.

CND Shellac and Vinylux

Recently I was invited to a workshop sponsored by CND. We received such an abundance of information. Refresher coarse in gel application, acrylic tips,  shellac and how to make your own nail decals out of Vinylux. It was a great time and a learning experience that was priceless. I always love to attend whenever I am invited, because I get to see my collegues and the fabulous CND team. The end of the night we got the biggest surprise that I can’t say thank you enough. I have been playing and using my plethora of products for days. Can you say happy happy happy. 😉

Perfection is possible!

The Cover Shot

One of the best parts of my job is, I get to meet beautiful people and extraordinary talented artist. My office changes everyday and so do the people I work with. Sometimes the nails get focused on the image and most if the time 🙂 they do not. When a great shot is captured and featured, I always like to share, like this cover for Marie Claire Mexico with the ever so gorgeous Helena Christensen.

It was a glam team effort and they all did a great job bringing this to life.


NYFW AW15 With Zoya and Rachel Zoe

Twice a year I look forward to one of the busiest and stylish weeks of the year, better known as NYFW. Zoya teamed up with the stylist, Rachel Zoe and created a pearlized sheer white inspired by the designers love of the 60’s and 70’s. It was a clean and youthful spin on a throwback nail color, while giving the glamour and mod feel Zoe was looking for, to compliment her mod brit presentation. I was the nail lead for this show, with a great team to bring the nail look together. We applied 2-3 coats of the color called “Zoe” ( how fitting) and topped it off with Zoya’s armor top coat for a high shine.


Backstage and finalizing the looks





I love presentations because you get to see the looks up close and personal, and that goes for the nails too, so they had to be perfect. 😉

My Londontown KUR Experience



I think this may be one of my new favorite nail brands. I was fortunate to receive a few colors along with the treatment system. I didn’t realize how good this package would turn out to be. Londontown is truly a white glove service and I mean that literally. This treatment systems comes with white gloves you use after applying the KUR restorative nail cream. How’ s that for nourishment! The nail hardener is perfect to restore weak nails and the cuticle oil is hydrating. Once the manicure was finished with this treatment system, I used one of their Lakur 5 free nail colors. If you don’t know much about me, the one thing to know is that I love 5 free nail polishes, especially those that have a longer wearing time and Lakur is the answer to both. The polish lasted 7-8 days without a sign of chipping and that is with the continuous use of my hands in lotions, remover and water. Can you say “awesome”.
The colors are rich and creamy and have a good consistency. For some, creamy polishes are to thick, but I love them. KUR/Londontown will be added to both my on set kit and my private client nail kit.

KUR polishes are $16 per bottle with the treatment system priced at $125. A little sticker shock but well worth it. Visit their site

Perfection is possible approved ✔️

Mally Gel Polishes

You may know her as the make up artist to the stars, but what you may not know is that Mally Roncal founder of Mally Beauty also has gel polish. They come in this pretty pink carrying case with mini pink led light and gel colors. I received her kit a few years ago and really loved the system, so much that I used all of the colors. They are light, small bottles and easy to travel with. Recently, while working on set at a shoot for Redbook magazine, I had the pleasure of meeting Mally personally. She was a pleasure to meet. I shared with her that I loved her gel colors and 2 weeks later, I received her newest colors. I was beyond thrill. They are pretty and so ladylike (exactly what I love). I have used them on most of my celeb clients and they love them as much as I do.
The pink carry case is one of the best parts as well as the new colors added to my collection. So thankful for them, because my poor collection was dwindling down.




Thank you Mally for a great product and the wonderful new colors

Perfection is Possible

The Light Every Manicurist Should Have

Home manicure visits are becoming more and more popular and good lighting is always the first thing manicurist do not have. Trying to carry a lamp with a cord, extension cord and heavy bases can be very cumbersome. I searched on line for a compact solution and found one. The OttLite is cordless, slender, lightweight and gives the time, date and temperature. I couldn’t wait to get it. It has LED lighting and a charger to recharge the light after each use. One touch of the button and your light is bright and ready to use. Press it again and it dims. It can fit nicely in any kit bag and even your handbag. Stands approximately 12 inches at its tallest setting. You can mount it or not. It has worked wonders. I’m sure you will be able to get multiple uses out of this cordless light, but manicurist will never want to leave this at home.


It comes in white and black and below is the packaging to look for.


The cost is around $49.99 and worth every penny.  I know you will like it just as much as I do.

Great Nail Polish Holiday Gift Ideas

Are you stuck on what to get for a holiday gift? Have a budget, but want to get something that is pretty cool? Nail polish always makes people happy and designer lables have now give you some other options. Ranging in price from $25-$50, you can not go wrong with the useful gift. The packaging is awesome, the bottles are pretty and the colors are to die for. Check out the brands I happen to own and love (for designer polish that is). 🙂

download images (1) images (2) images

Tom Ford, Michael Kors, CHristian Louboutin and Gucci. All of them make for great gift giving without breaking the bank. You will have to top yourself next year. But I’m sure there will be more to come in the designer nail polish business.