Chromed Out, the newest nail craze


There use to be time when Minx had the market for chromed nails. You would pre heat a nail wrap under a light and apply it by molding and stretching them to your nail plate. The look was  a chromed out manicure that could last up to 10 days.

Fast foward to today and the look has re appeared on nails around the country. Now you can achieve your chromed manicure simply with a colored chromed powder of choice with a gel base application. You apply a black gel color an cure leaving the tacky part on the nail. Take a small amount of powder with a silicon pusher and rub and buff the nail until you see the chrome shine. Apply a gel top coat, cure and your chrome manicure is set to be seen. You can have silver or gold if you have a unicorn spirit you can try mulitple colors for a more vibrant look. Your nails will be the talk of the town.


Add some nail art and you have the best of both worlds. Be prepare to start seeing chrome nails if you haven’t already before it fades away again.



Author: Pipbuzzz Nails

Professional, Celebrity Nail stylist with over 25 years in the nail/beauty/fashion business. Vibrant, Creative, Knowledgable and very good at what I do. Worked on some of the most prestigious celebrities, models and artist with works to be seen in many publications, t.v., and ads. I am an editorial nail tech/stylist. Love polish, products and!!!! I own a mobile grooming business called "Pipbuzzz to Go. You can have all of your grooming needs done in the comfort of your own home, office, or venue. I also take private personal appointments. My motto-Perfection is Possible because if you believe it then you can certainly achieve it ...Perfection is what you believe it to be. Stay Tuned! Faith,Love,Joy, Hope and Happiness...Always!

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