Met Gala 2019…Solange and Python …Voted best nails of the Night

This year’s Met Gala theme was campy, the exaggerated, over the top version of something. Celebrities went all out on the pink carpet.

I had the pleasure of working with singer, song writer, Solange. This is our 5th go round and I must say it was an unexpected stream of appraisal. Salvatore Ferragamo created a custom python jumpsuit with matching boots for her Camp look. When I saw the photos of her look and the nails she wanted, I knew I had to have the fabric to match too. Ferragamo made it happen and gave me some scraps to execute the nails she wanted. Through time and patience, I was able to create a nail look that took to social media like wild fire. I was shocked. Who knew that it would be so overwhelming received. I just wanted to make her happy and complete the look she wanted and got so much more. Refinery 29 deemed these nails the best nails of the night! Wow. Thank you Refinery 29

She helped to make all of this happen once she posted the picture. Thank you Solange!!


There were a lot of amazing nail looks from my fellow nail techs on a night where we all got the credit. My hat goes off to them because they were workkkiinnggg. 🙌🏾. Here are some of the work from some pretty amazing manicurist

So until next year, Happy Met 2019!

Author: Pipbuzzz Nails

Professional, Celebrity Nail stylist with over 25 years in the nail/beauty/fashion business. Vibrant, Creative, Knowledgable and very good at what I do. Worked on some of the most prestigious celebrities, models and artist with works to be seen in many publications, t.v., and ads. I am an editorial nail tech/stylist. Love polish, products and!!!! I own a mobile grooming business called "Pipbuzzz to Go. You can have all of your grooming needs done in the comfort of your own home, office, or venue. I also take private personal appointments. My motto-Perfection is Possible because if you believe it then you can certainly achieve it ...Perfection is what you believe it to be. Stay Tuned! Faith,Love,Joy, Hope and Happiness...Always!

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