Fall Inspiration from Deborah Lippmann

I walked in my agencies office to pick up some packages and this was one package that was well worth the trip.  Deborah Lippmann is one of my favorite go to nude polish brands that always deliver. The new colors give me the same feeling. With names like Rolling in the deep (blue), Miss Independent (berry color) and She Wolf, they leave nothing short of fall inspirations. The tones coincide with what the fall fashion colors look like. So if you’re looking for new colors to add to your collection, Deborah Lippman got you.
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The best nudes for transitioning into fall

Now that the fall is upon, we sometimes don’t know what nail color to choose. You don’t want to go completely dark and you don’t want to keep the brights going. So what do you do? A great option…you can always go nude. There are many nude colors that rock that you will not disappointed in finding one just right for you. Let’s get started.


Deborah Lippmann makes some of the best nudes on the market. From pink, tan, brown to grey nudes, she has something for all.


First in line is Naked, I use this one often on set for photo shoots because it tends to adapt to any nail plate color and skin tone. It looks great on everyone which makes it a multi functional nude,

she_wolf_1 desert_moon_1

She Wolf                                                                      Dessert moon

Both give a little more color but stay neutral and won’t compete with your fall wardrobe while still looking pretty,

Nails Inc, Kale and Gel Effects

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Zoya, Chanelle and Spencer the perfect shade of brown and beige.

Chanelle_456 1063376.ZP742_SPENCER_BOTTLE__320.1__

In luxury nail polish Tom Fords Toasted Sugar and CHANEL’s  Secret are great choices

toasted sugar


This should help you narrow done who to look for in a nude polish. From $9-$35 there is one to fit your wallet and skin tone. It’s all about nude this fall, well, it’s all about a nude every fall for me 🙂

Editorial work for Grazia 

It’s nice to see your editorial work. I don’t always see mine but when I do I always try to share.

Coney Island NY  was my office for this day. It was a quiet morning before the park opened and it was our own personal playground. The images came out great. Take a peek into the set life of pipbuzzz. 
Nails by @pipbuzzz

Perfection is Possible

The Naked Manicure

NYFW is fastly approaching. One of my exhausting but favorite time of the year. Fashion shows, events, dinners, dressing up and watching all of the fashionistas hit the scene is still exciting.

This year Zoya has incorporated their new Naked Manicure system to the nail applications for the models. It will allow my team to really blend and custom each models nails to the condition and coloring of their nail bed. When the professional kit arrived, it tooks seconds for me top open it and start the process.

As you see there are 5 color correctors, base coat, satin finsh, glossy top coat and a free edge color that will give you a natural looking french manicure. There are a few extra steps when applying this system, but the overall effect once it is done is smooth and beautiful.

The color shown is Aggie from Zoya’s fall collection. I just love a great nail polish, it makes my job so much easier 😉. Thank you Zoya.

Word to the Women Solange x Puma

I love when I get an apportunity to work on great projects. When I was asked to be a part of this project, I was honored and thirlled. The new line,  Word to the Women from S O L A N G E x Puma was creatively done by Ms.Solange herself. What a beautiful way to celebrate women. The sneakers are in pastel and some vibrant colors in suede and mesh. When shooting the looks, the nail colors were incorporated based on the color of the sneakers and the styling. It was a fun day playing in polish and laughing and talking to such great inspiring women.  I had some help from nail polish brands, Zoya, CHANEL, Lakur/Londontown, Dior and Dolce and Gabbana.

The sneakera are not only bad to the bone, they are also pretty comfortable. If you don’t have a pair, what are you waiting for. To see the entire collection check them out here  store.saintheron.com.

Perfection is Possible

Minx is back better than ever

Do you remember Minx? It was all the rage some years ago and now they are making a come back.  They now have a new and sleeker way to pre heat the nail wraps.  No more overhead light that was difficult to carry around or blow dryers on set getting the nail wraps warm.  There is now a smaller heating system that looks likes a small box that heats the nail wrap.

A pretty pink box with its own stand that sits right on top of your work station making space and portabilty much easier to deal with.  You heat your nail wraps and apply , the same way you would previously when using Minx.

These minx nails were done some time ago and lasted on her pretty little nails for over a week.  I can’t wait to start using Minx wraps again.  They have a great collection and have added a few things.

They now offer a Minx Coat which is a peel off protective coat created to protect your natural nails. It works with gel manicures and nail polish. You apply the protective coat with the heat and apply it to your nails. You proceed with your gel or nail polsih and watch it work, protecting your nails. Worth a try…I know I will be testing them out.


Nails Inc. Gel Effects in Baker Street Blue

I thought I misplaced this bottle and I was going bonkers trying to find it, until I realized it was sitting right in front of my eyes. You don’t understand how much I love this color. I love blue nail polish and this gel effects makes me love it more.  The shine is incredible and the wear is long lasting.  Baker street blue became the go to blue a few years ago when Beyonce wore it and we all ran out to get it, including me 😉. It’s a go to blue and pretty much looks good on all skin tones.  

Perfection is possible. Try it out

The Naked Manicure from Zoya

Having nail woes? The Naked Manicure will transform the cosmetic appearance of your nails and provide long term benefits over time.

It has a few different options that you can choose from, the professional kit, the womens kit and the male kit. The colors work like color correctors work for make up. Each color provides you with the care your nails need. It’s a custom way of correcting your nails image. Bravo!   They also come a la cart, so you can purchase single colors for whatever nail problem you are having.

I will be trying it out for sure. You all know that Zoya is one of  my very favorite brands so I know I will not be disappointed.
Perfection is Possible with  The Naked Manicure

The new CND LED Light

This is what the nail community has been waiting for.  CND has finally did it and produced their very own LED light for their Shellac and Brisa products.  The light is exceptional. It has individual grooves for each finger and a sleek light weight design. The timer is set with 4 different timing intervals, two which are for curing Shellac and the other two will cure the Brisa gel.
  It is easy to clean and durable. CND was able to perfect a great light because they waited which allowed them to do a lot of research and development in getting it right.  


The light will blink in the first and last timing settings but don’t worry, no more first reaction burning sensation to the nails. 


The curing process is shorter and which cuts down on time it takes to give a Shellac manicure. With 80 colors in the collection, you will love this LED light, I know I do.

A Skin Care Dream, Choiselle 

If you don’t know I love products.  I get a ton of products to try and use, and often times I end up adding to my nail kits. If I like it, it will make the cut.

I had the pleasure of meeting a young lady who has a skincare product line.  It is great for extremely dry skin. She shared with me her product line and gave me the history on her brand. She is from St Lucia and name her product “Choiselle’ after a town in St Lucia Her line of products consist of body butters, body oils and lotions. I was able to try out the oils and lotions and loved them.  Great consistency, nice scents and beautiful packaging.


My favorite is the lavender body oil.  I use oils with some of my services, and this can be a really good addition.  Check out Choiselle and  try it out for yourself. The price point may be a little aggresive but this is a luxury brand made In small batches and bottled to order. How’s that for freshness.  Choiselle is Perfection is possible.

Zoya Paradise in the Sun Collection

The Paradise Collection is going to make this a great summer for manicures and pedicures.  I started with Oceania which is a blueish shimmer green.  It reminds me of the deep blue sea. The enitre collections gives a new vibrance to summer tones instead of brigth neon. They are the jewels of the summer. If you haven’t tried them, go to  Zoya  and get your summer fix. The collection consist of 6 colors, there is beautiful white inluded, a summer staple.

Ciate GelTox top coat for all Nail polishes 


What a great tag line, Gel on your terms. It definitely caught my eye. As I was browsing the aisles of one of my favorite places, Sephore, I took a back step to Ciate. They now have a gel top coat, Geltox that can cure any nail polish to last as long as gel polish 😏😳😮. These emojis were all of my reactions when I read this. Of course I will have to try it, just to see if it stands the test. The top coats retail is $39, so I hope for that price it really works. I will be back in a few weeks to give you the results. Ciate may be on to something.
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Ok Magazine and Pipbuzzz!


One of the pleasures of being a celeb manicurist, is that you get to do some really fun things like DIY’s and videos and interviews.  I was asked by OK magazine to do an interview with Pandora on How to become a Celebrity manicurist. I was happy and excited to do it. They scheduled a time and place and the interview happened. Please take and peek and share with your social media and friends. Click the link and hear my thoughts on how to become a celebrity manicurist.


Thank you Pandora and OK magazine.

Perfection is Possible

How to sparkle and shine 

DIY projects are always helpful. I did an editorial “how to” with Womens’s  World magazine.

Go green and learn how to do a four leaf clover out of rhinestones and a rainbow french manicure with swarkoski crystals.  This was a fun project to work on with easy ways to do it yourself.  Pick up this months Women’s World to see what I did. ☺️


Quick Dry Nail Sprays. Yes or No

You love getting your nails done. You love changing your color but , what you don’t love is the drying time. In the age where time is so important,  we try to maximize all of the time we have and not waste it. Waiting for your polish to dry, well, for some is a waste of time. That’s where a drying spray solves the problem. Now grant it, there are several quick dry products, drying drops and quick dry top coats which are frequently used. I recently received another option, quick dry spray!  Years ago, manicurist used to use a drying spray from a aresol can, the updated version is now a pump spray bottle.

CND Solar Speed Spray has taken something old and made it new again. I tried this spray for thr first time and it worked.  It is a light mist with a beautiful fragrance that cuts down your drying time and nourishes your cuticle at the same time.  You hold the bottle away from the nails, and spray.  Not only does it smell good, it makes your hand and nails look good too.

Sephora also has a qucik dry spray, that is equally as good . This spray is easier to find isince there is a Sephora in most cities. Hold the bottle away from the nail and spray, Cuts drying  time and conditions your cuticle.


Both sprays seem to work nicely. They are easy to use and less messy. Your clients can walk away with less oily nails.

I would check with your client for allergies first, because the CND fragrance is almond base.  When in doubt, drying drops are still a great option.  It’s always good to have options.

CND Shellac and Vinylux

Recently I was invited to a workshop sponsored by CND. We received such an abundance of information. Refresher coarse in gel application, acrylic tips,  shellac and how to make your own nail decals out of Vinylux. It was a great time and a learning experience that was priceless. I always love to attend whenever I am invited, because I get to see my collegues and the fabulous CND team. The end of the night we got the biggest surprise that I can’t say thank you enough. I have been playing and using my plethora of products for days. Can you say happy happy happy. 😉

Perfection is possible!

The Cover Shot

One of the best parts of my job is, I get to meet beautiful people and extraordinary talented artist. My office changes everyday and so do the people I work with. Sometimes the nails get focused on the image and most if the time 🙂 they do not. When a great shot is captured and featured, I always like to share, like this cover for Marie Claire Mexico with the ever so gorgeous Helena Christensen.

It was a glam team effort and they all did a great job bringing this to life.


NYFW AW15 With Zoya and Rachel Zoe

Twice a year I look forward to one of the busiest and stylish weeks of the year, better known as NYFW. Zoya teamed up with the stylist, Rachel Zoe and created a pearlized sheer white inspired by the designers love of the 60’s and 70’s. It was a clean and youthful spin on a throwback nail color, while giving the glamour and mod feel Zoe was looking for, to compliment her mod brit presentation. I was the nail lead for this show, with a great team to bring the nail look together. We applied 2-3 coats of the color called “Zoe” ( how fitting) and topped it off with Zoya’s armor top coat for a high shine.


Backstage and finalizing the looks





I love presentations because you get to see the looks up close and personal, and that goes for the nails too, so they had to be perfect. 😉

My Londontown KUR Experience



I think this may be one of my new favorite nail brands. I was fortunate to receive a few colors along with the treatment system. I didn’t realize how good this package would turn out to be. Londontown is truly a white glove service and I mean that literally. This treatment systems comes with white gloves you use after applying the KUR restorative nail cream. How’ s that for nourishment! The nail hardener is perfect to restore weak nails and the cuticle oil is hydrating. Once the manicure was finished with this treatment system, I used one of their Lakur 5 free nail colors. If you don’t know much about me, the one thing to know is that I love 5 free nail polishes, especially those that have a longer wearing time and Lakur is the answer to both. The polish lasted 7-8 days without a sign of chipping and that is with the continuous use of my hands in lotions, remover and water. Can you say “awesome”.
The colors are rich and creamy and have a good consistency. For some, creamy polishes are to thick, but I love them. KUR/Londontown will be added to both my on set kit and my private client nail kit.

KUR polishes are $16 per bottle with the treatment system priced at $125. A little sticker shock but well worth it. Visit their site http://www.londontown.com

Perfection is possible approved ✔️

Mally Gel Polishes

You may know her as the make up artist to the stars, but what you may not know is that Mally Roncal founder of Mally Beauty also has gel polish. They come in this pretty pink carrying case with mini pink led light and gel colors. I received her kit a few years ago and really loved the system, so much that I used all of the colors. They are light, small bottles and easy to travel with. Recently, while working on set at a shoot for Redbook magazine, I had the pleasure of meeting Mally personally. She was a pleasure to meet. I shared with her that I loved her gel colors and 2 weeks later, I received her newest colors. I was beyond thrill. They are pretty and so ladylike (exactly what I love). I have used them on most of my celeb clients and they love them as much as I do.
The pink carry case is one of the best parts as well as the new colors added to my collection. So thankful for them, because my poor collection was dwindling down.




Thank you Mally for a great product and the wonderful new colors

Perfection is Possible

The Light Every Manicurist Should Have

Home manicure visits are becoming more and more popular and good lighting is always the first thing manicurist do not have. Trying to carry a lamp with a cord, extension cord and heavy bases can be very cumbersome. I searched on line for a compact solution and found one. The OttLite is cordless, slender, lightweight and gives the time, date and temperature. I couldn’t wait to get it. It has LED lighting and a charger to recharge the light after each use. One touch of the button and your light is bright and ready to use. Press it again and it dims. It can fit nicely in any kit bag and even your handbag. Stands approximately 12 inches at its tallest setting. You can mount it or not. It has worked wonders. I’m sure you will be able to get multiple uses out of this cordless light, but manicurist will never want to leave this at home.


It comes in white and black and below is the packaging to look for.


The cost is around $49.99 and worth every penny.  I know you will like it just as much as I do.

Great Nail Polish Holiday Gift Ideas

Are you stuck on what to get for a holiday gift? Have a budget, but want to get something that is pretty cool? Nail polish always makes people happy and designer lables have now give you some other options. Ranging in price from $25-$50, you can not go wrong with the useful gift. The packaging is awesome, the bottles are pretty and the colors are to die for. Check out the brands I happen to own and love (for designer polish that is). 🙂

download images (1) images (2) images

Tom Ford, Michael Kors, CHristian Louboutin and Gucci. All of them make for great gift giving without breaking the bank. You will have to top yourself next year. But I’m sure there will be more to come in the designer nail polish business.

Make a wish with, Zoya’s Wishes Collection



Talk about wishes, this collection feels just like that. My favorite color is Prim, a blue icy treat. The entire collection is like a dream come true in the world of nail polish. :). There is a black black that has an incredible shine and can be mixed with any of the colors of the collection.


So, make a wish and pick up the Wishes Collection

Blast from the Past, Zoya Matte Velvets


Matte lip stick now has a partner in crime, the matte nail polish. I’m so thrilled to see these back in the line up. There are very few matte polishes that have lasting ability and this by far is the best one for me. Matte polishes do not require a top coat, therefore leaving it susceptible to wear and chip much sooner. Well, not Zoya’s Matte Velvets. I have had success with these polishes for 5-6 days without chipping, no top coat and no tip wear. The client who wore the matte actually went on a trip to the tropics and came back with nails and polish in tact. How’s that for power polish. If you haven’t tried them, please give them a shot. The colors are jewel tones and look great. For a limited time you can get a matte lipstick and a matching matte polish with a purchase of $30 at zoya.com

Protective Nail Guards for Gel and Acrylic Nails

nail guard

Gel manicures are increasingly get more nail time, inspite the damaging effects it can cause. Compaines are figuring out ways to combat gel nails bad behavior, by creating different products to aid in better nail health. An earlier post I talked about the IBX system that strengthens the nail inside out and repairs with the brush of a super formula and heat from a regular light bulb. Results were good. Notice strength took a little more time but the clients nails were stronger and less damaged.

I was introduced to another product that suggest by adding these nail guards to the nail before a gel or acrylic application, it will protect the nail and make for easy removal. You peel off the sticker, apply it to the nail and proceed with the gel application. When it is time to remove the gel, you take an orangewood stick, dip it into remover and go around the edges of the nail as to lift the gel off the nail plate and peeling the nail guard and gel off completely, leaving the natural nail unharmed. Seems like a pretty good idea. Will give it a try and let you know my thoughts. With any product, you have to try it first and watch it over a period of time for the best results. My concerns as a nail tech, would be the lifting of the guard with the orangewood sitck and will the guard hold through water and not lift on its own. I will make sure to update you on my thoughts. Until then, stay nail happy, enjoy your manicures and visit back again. 🙂

One of those Things Under The Sun

Blogs are great resources and outlets for all types of things. Although my blog is mostly about nails and beauty, I titled it in a way that allows me to blog about anything. This is one of those “anything under under the sun” post :).
I love fashion and this is NYFW. If your looking for vintage, new, pre owned or mens items, check out one of my favorite online resale shops http://www.itsfabulist.com They are having a sale, take an additional 20% off all sale items. So in honor of NYFW, take a look and maybe it will be your favorite too. If you love CHANEL anything as much as I do, you will be pleasantly surprised.


CND Cucumber Heel Therapy for Great Pedicure Results

I love products point, blank, period and when I find a really good one, I like to share. This foot cream from CND is lovely. It has a great scent, great consistency and feels great on your feet. It is an intensive moisturizing complex with cucumber extract, chamomile and aloe to aid in the repair of dry, cracked skin.


It is also good to use daily. Remember, your pedicure gets your feet groomed, but keeping them groomed in between appointments is also important. This cream would be perfect for that in between maintenance.
Let me know what you think. It is one of my favorites.

Morgan Taylor Nail Color

Nail mail is a big deal for me…I love it! This was a good day to open the mailbox. Well, not the mailbox per say, my doorman had a box with my name on it. :). I was pleasantly surprised with the content. In case your not aware, Morgan Taylor is a nail polish brand that is picking up lots of steam. The colors are rich and apply very well. Enclosed were glitters and creams and I tried them both.




They were great to work with and dried nicely. I love the colors and looking forward to trying out more of their collection.

The IBX Effect…Gel nails rescue

I’m sure all of you gel wearers have a love/hate relationship with gel polish. It can last over 2 weeks, it shines relentlessly and there is no chipping. All the reasons why we love gel polish, right? However there is a down side. We all hate the damage it can cause to some of our nails. Well, Famous Names has created a product that strengthens and repairs your nails within. It is the “IBX System” creating nail strength from within.


I know your asking youself, how does this work? There are 2 steps that are applied before your manicure and or gel application. One is the repair system for damaged nails and the other is the strengthner, which by the way can be used with natural nails and regular polish. Keep in mind this is a natural nail system. The image below shows the nail with damage before the IBX SYSTEM and the nail after three removals with the IBX SYSTEM.

(Photo cred: Famous Names)

Now you can wear your gel manicure or regular manicure and still have beautiful nails. If your nails are chipping, thin or cracked this SYSTEM is for you too. Just apply it before your regular manicure.
Ask you local manicurist if she has the system and start your way to healthy, stronger nails, or if your in the New York City area, you can always come and see me 🙂

Zoya Naturel Deux Collection




It’s almost that time of year where you don’t want bright, neon or dark colors for your manicure. Zoya comes up with the answer with their transitional colors in their Naturel 2 Collection. It is a combination and blends of neutrals with brown, pink and tan tones, that go perfectly into fall.
There is a shade for all skin tones in this collection. You can find them http://www.zoya.com

Christian Louboutin Nail Polish…Finally!



Not just for red bottoms, the man himself Christian Louboutin has done it again. Nail polish…in the famous red bottom color, can now be worn on your nails. It was only a matter of time before Louboutin painted the town red with his nail colors. The entire collection isn’t available until later this year, but you can grab a bottle now at Saks Fifth Avenue. But, buyer beware, the sticker price may shock you…$50!! Well, at least it’s cheaper than buying the shoes.

Perfection is Possible

Zoya’s Tickled and Bubbly Collection


I am a little late writing this post, but due to an overwhelming schedule, I have gotten behind in my blog post. I will get better 🙂 Now, back to business.

This collection from Zoya leaves you feeling tickled and bubbly once you use these breathe of fresh air nail colors. From pops of pink and coral to the tangerine sparkles, to blue and greens, no matter what side you choose, it all equals happy!
Zoya always does a creme side and a glitter side that always compliment each other. You can mix and match or overlay them. One color that we tried was a huge hit. Wendy is a tricky pink, as it gives off a coral tone.


Wendy is from the Tickled collection and it is beautiful. It helps that the consistency of the polish is perfect as Zoya’s colors always are. They are very creamy which allows for better coverage and better application…one of my all time favorites, for sure.

Red Carpet Manicure, My New Favorite Colored Gel


I finally had the opportunity to try Red Carpet Manicure and I must say, it was worth the wait. One would think that all gel colored polishes were created equal. This one has proven to stand out. Let’s start with the over 100 color choices. There are nudes, brights, pinks, reds, greens, glitter and shimmer colors that are stunning. It was hard choosing a color to try on myself. The application was smooth. No running, great consistency and coverage. I went for a sparkle blue that looks like car paint, in a good way.


If you have a manicurist that isn’t using Red Carpet Manicure, tell her to give it a try. I’m sure you both will be very happy with the results.

Pipbuzzz-Perfection is Possible!

The answer to the mobile LED Gel Light…Dashing Diva LED Light Pod


To all of my manicurist on the go like myself, have you seen this? I am one happy nail tech to see this idea. Not sure how well it works, but I will be sure to find out. Hopefully it packs a powerful punch and gets the job done. The price tag is very reasonable for a gel light. At $79 you can’t beat it. I plan on ordering one in the very near future and to be pleasantly surprise.

Perfection is Possible, Dashing Diva !

O.P.I. Glitter Base Coat

To all of you glitter lovers out there, I’m sure we all feel the same about glitter polish removal. It is our worst nail polish nightmare. O.P.I. has created a base coat that is suppose to assist in making the removal of glitter a lot easier. Many of you had made your on DIY solution made of elmers glue and water. I must say, I have never tried it but give an A for creativity. The base coat as well as the elmers glue is applied to each nail and dryed. You the apply your favorite glitter polish and wear as you normally would. When it’s time to remove it, it should peel off with the assistance of an orange wood stick. Welllllllllll, not quite. It does not peel off so easy and can be damaging to your nail plate due to the scraping of your nail with the orange wood stick. Both base coats seem to have the same result. My best advice to removing glitter polish, is to take a cotton ball soaked with remover and allow it to sit on the nail for a few seconds. After a few seconds, the glitter becomes a lot easier to take off, with no scraping. It takes some time but thats the price we pay to be glitter girls. Don’t stop wearing your glitter because of the agonizing removal process. Just sit, soak, wait and wipe and your glitter woes are solved.


O.P.I. Sheer Tints

Looking for a wet and sticky look like candy? O.P.I. Sheet tints are your answer. They cover the bare minium but I choose to add color and use as a topper. Tints can make your nails look dirty and dingy but when layered over a color, it gives you that look of candy.


Here is “Be Magentale With Me” for the topper with “Pink Shock” by Maybelline

Sephora’s Formula X

Nail mail is always a wonderful thing to come home to. Recently, during one of my trips to Sephora and staying for an hour, I played around with their Formula X nail polishes. Everyone was speaking very highly of them, and I wanted to give them a try. I purchased a few bottles and went home to play some more. They were nice to work with and the colors were true to color. These would be perfect for me to use on set for some of my photo shoots. I received the Formula X train kit in the mail and could’t be happier. It included some of their great glitters and effect polishes along with other essentials. This kit will be put to great use and so will all the gorgeous colors



Perfection is possible with Formula X.

Awaken The Pastel Parade by Zoya


This is the time of year where we all get restless and bored with nail colors. Waiting for spring colors to come out is always exciting. Awaken by Zoya made 2 pastel colors with a cream finish and a 4colors with a full coverage metallic shimmer.
Hudson- the metallic purple
Dillion- metallic green
Brooklyn- metallic yellow
Rebel- metallic blue
Dot- pink
Cole- peach
The surprise is Monet, which is a cellophane holographic special effect topper. It looks good over any color and gives that extra special something to your nail look.

It’s Magic

Zoya’s magical pixie dust delivers. They have mastered the textured, matte, glittery nail polish with this magical pixie dust. With only 3 colors to choose from, there is at least one that you will love. I tried the pink and instantly fell in love. With sparkles, glitter, texture and metallic specs, what more could a nail polish fan love. All of this rolled up in one.


I dedicate this post to “Hanna” :). Thank you for following this nail girls journey on nails, beauty and anything under the Sun!

NYFW Fall 2104 was a blast…

A blast of snow, cold, nails, and fashion. This season was a very cold and snowy one. However, the show must go on. With 6 shows is tow, we made it happen. A great team is key to having a good fashion week. The colors for the season seem to be going in the darker red direction with some of the designers showing the same color.







White and off white also showed up on the runways. We had fun doing the Rolando Santana show with the reverse french in pixie dust by Zoya.
The Zimmerman show had the deep v look with the color Sam as the color.
Great season, and can’t wait for next season. Follow me on twitter and instagram @pipbuzzz for more pics on NYFW Fall 2014

Shop Resale and Consignment at It’s Fab U List


There’s a new shop in town and the name says it all…”It’s Fab U List”. This new online resale and consignment store, came to play. With new, gently loved and vintage items, you will be in fashion bliss. They have designer name brands from CHANEL, Gucci, Givenchy, Hermes and so many others. From current collections to last seasons misses, It’s Fab U List delivers. However the best part and why I’m blogging about this site is that, they have a 60 day installment plan!  How great is that. No finance charges on your credit card, you don’t have to spend your cash all at once and you can have that special item at a discounted price and pay over time. So visit  It’s Fab U List  and get your favorite item installed. 🙂  We are on our way over to that site to see what we can get our hands on.

Perfection is Possible!

Zoya has “Awaken” the Nail Community

images zoya-awaken-1

Ok Zoya, I’m awake. I smell the polish and the scent is just delightful 🙂  What I mean is, I see the colors and they are just delightful. Known for their shimmer, frost and opalescent  colors, the choice in colors to accomplish the frost look with, was a great idea. Pastels with a frost, makes their spring collection different from the rest.  Bravo!  I will be looking fo the mail everyday, waiting for their arrival. 🙂

Deborah Lippmann for Spring 2014


While doing some nail polish spring cleaning, I did some research on what’s new for spring.  See, each season, I go through my nail polish collection and get rid of the old to bring in the new. Although, I must say, I don’t get rid of much. I love my polishes, hard to part with them. Anyway, I’m making room for this collection for sure. It looks like all the polish brands had the same color concept in mind. Deborah Lippmann, I can’t wait to try these out.


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Nail Mail, Crinkle, Crinkle, Crinkle

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Nail mail will never get old and I can never have too much polish. Today was one of those nail mail days that made me stop what I was doing, slow down and smell the polish.

China Glaze is gearing up for spring with some great colors from Seche Vite and China Glaze. I started to polish my nails, just because, that’s what you do when you get a box full of nail color.  As I was polishing my nails, I couldn’t get it to apply smoothly.  Now I know I had a long break, but I didn’t think I lost my skill of polishing my own nails. I picked up the bottle to make sure it wasn’t tampered with and lo and behold I read the front carefully. I only noticed Chrome because I love chrome colors but I didn’t see that they were “crinkled” Chrome. Ohhhhhhh, now I got it. It was supposed to go on with the look of texture. I didn’t think I was going to like it, because I love creme polish. However, this kind of surprised me. When I finished, I actually liked it. Yes, it does look like you messed your nails up, but that was somewhat the beauty in it. Take a look for yourself.

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There were also glitter colors in my nail mail.  Thanks China Glaze, you made my day. Pretty glitter colors in spring tones. Just enough color and happiness to make up for this cold weather New York has been having. So, can you say spring is here?  Almost, thank goodness. Let’s crack these babies open and get to coloring the world with nail polish.

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Perfection is Possible!



Nail Polish Options for the New Year

20140104-100131.jpg It’s a new year and nail polish brands will be approaching this year with bigger ideas and vibrant colors. Some of the brands shown are making quite a splash. Tom Ford, creamy, classy bottle and $32 Nails Inc. who is getting a new U.S. Website coming soon, makes a bottle top that looks great on any shelf and adds bling to your polish rack. You can also customize your bottle at Nailsinc.com $9.50-$25. Deborah Lippmann has fun with color and names and puts out a new collection faster than you can paint one nail $17 Essie, who is known in almost every household, is keeping up. They now offer gel colors that match their most popular colors. $8 Dior and YSL are both designer brands that have limited color options and simple yet elegant bottles.$25 There you have it. A range of price points, color, designer looks and pretty bottles. Find one that best suits you and start painting the world with nail polish…a girl’s best friend. 🙂